17th Bobby Gow Memorial


Dundee 4-12 Castlehill

  1. J Ophoff 2257 1-0 D Shafi 2213
  2. D Findlay 2150 1-0 H Magnussen 1990
  3. E Spencer 2127 1-0 A Babin 1882
  4. A Dawson 1795 1-0 M Dugdale 1578
  5. J Anderson 1540 0-1 E Murray
  6. R Flood 1475 0-1 A Rowe 1572
  7. B Wallace 1430 0-1 K McEvoy Gould
  8. C Sim 998 0-1 R Noble 1531
  9. N Carroll 908 0-1 K Rose 1522
  10. D Ewing 0-1 V Drabych 1484
  11. K Shammulna 0-1 S Banerjee 1444
  12. A Jay 0-1 R Morris 1401
  13. J Hamilton 0-1 C Young 1394
  14. C Feuchrin 0-1 G Atkins 1352
  15. K McHugh 0-1 D Coleman 1060
  16. C Monte 0-1 R Kanodia 903

Congratulations to Castlehill on emphatically retaining the trophy, the first to be contested for three years. Despite the result, a delight to be playing an over-the board competitive match again! Though winning the top four boards, we clearly can’t match Castlehill’s strength in depth overall just now. Our bottom seven boards were making their competitive OTB debuts(!), and were pitched in against some experienced and talented opposition. But they have taken their first step towards getting a grade themselves, as all their opponents were graded.

But the Bobby Gow has always been about our two clubs coming together for a fun evening and giving every member who wants to play a competitive graded game. And to have 32 players showing up was an emphatic statement as to how much missed these matches are, and how keen our folks are to get back to the game.

A marvellous night, great atmosphere, and such a pleasure to get back together with old friends again. Augurs well for the rest of the season, which we can all look forward to.