20/20 chess dundee city

After encouraging wins for Dundee City B on the evening of Friday 05/11/2021 (17.5 – 4.5 against Team Italia Live with Mikey ‘commentator’ Grove 2-0, Alan Borwell 1.5-0.5, Graham Mooney 1-1, Andy Rowe 1.5-0.5, Robert Jackson 0.5-1.5, Ray Noble 1-1, Ray Flood 2-0, Jim Anderson 2-0, Trevor Harley 2-0 and Subhayu Banerjee 2-0) and for Dundee City A just an hour later (8 -2 against Team New Zealand with IM Richard Polaczek 1.5-0.5, IM Andrew Greet 2-0, David Findlay 1-1, Ed Spencer 1.5-0.5 and Steve Hogg 2-0 by default) life was to prove more testing on Saturday 04/12/2021 against two teams who had played each other in Round 3.
The A team faced the promising Indian juniors of ChessKidsNation and went down 7.5 – 2.5  (Richard Polaczek 0-2, David Findlay 0-2, Declan Shafi 1-1, Ed Spencer 0.5-1.5, Steve Hogg
1-1) with all the (half-) points scored by us hard earned. An hour later the B team performed much more creditably to draw 4-4 with Poti Chess Club from the Black Sea in Georgia. Mikey played well to score 1-1 against a WFM  and Alan’s exceptional 2-0 combined tactical flair with consistent positional pressure. Rishi fought gamely and gained valuable experience in going down 0-2 against another titled female player with Robert battling his way back to 1-1 and a match as well as personal tie.
With the Dundee City A team now on 3/4 and the B team on 2.5/4 the likelihood of further tough opposition remains high in a competition which has just seen matches against teams from three continents in just two rounds! Roll on, Round 5
David Findlay