20/20 Chess. Round 5


20/20 Chess. Round 5

Dundee City played well to overcome Strathclyde University 6-2 on 21/01/2022. The hero of the previous round, Alan Borwell, suffering after an uncharacteristic blunder then a well played game by his opponent but Mikey Groves, Graham Mooney and Robert Jackson all persevered to achieve 2-0 scorelines. This earns the team a meeting with ChessKidsNation, who beat Dundee City A in Round 4, on 26/02/2022 when hopefully more than 4 boards can be secured.

Dundee City A then followed up with a 9.5-2.5 result against the talented juniors of Hawaii Scholastic on 23/01/2022. Richard Polaczek, Andrew Wright, Declan Shafi and Steve Hogg all navigated various levels of complications to record 2-0 scorelines but Andrew Greet’s utterly uncompromising approach to endings others would give up as draws backfired for once. Ed Spencer was involved in one tactical maelstrom which left the streaming commentators completely gobsmacked but also had another game best quickly forgotten.

Dundee City A received the Fair Play award for this round after shifting the date to accommodate the first OTB congress for a while in Honolulu (sadly no invites were received!) then the time to let the opposition’s two top players attend church. The reward for all this is a tie against Kyiv Chess Club on 27/02/2022 and if this potentially daunting match (remember 2-16 against Belgrade!) can be played with Ukraine still at peace that will be a result in itself.

David Findlay