Club Night 29/10/19


(photo Jean Chalmers)

Perhaps our most ambitious club night in a match sense as we had four TAFCA matches to contend with on the evening. We managed, in an organising sense at least, though the results were perhaps a little mixed.

Dundee A 4-0 Castlehill B

D Findlay (2109)        1-0       R Noble (1536)

S Hogg (2064)                        1-0       K Rose (1529)

E Spencer (2025)        1-0       S Banerjee (1483)

A Dawson (1806)       1-0       E Walton (1429)

As so often, the scoreline doesn’t reflect the closeness of the contest. Ed continued his fine form with a comfortable win over Subhayu, but the games on boards 2 and 4 were tough struggles before the higher rated player prevailed. Special praise to Ray Noble who pushed his illustrious opponent all the way before losing on time in a still unclear finish. It’s almost unknown for Ray to lose on time, but shows that he put everything into the game and came close to a spectacular result.


Dundee B 1.5-2.5 Kirkcaldy A

F Stevenson (1647)     0.5       R Kynoch (1827)

J Anderson (1611)      0-1       S Blyth (1595)

G Roberston (1554)    1-0       S Subramanian

N Carroll (948)            0-1       P Anderson

After a late call-off the B team drafted Norrie into their line-up and suffered a disappointing loss despite Frank’s good result against Russell. Could have been better but despite his pressure, he couldn’t quite convert his pawn advantage to a win in the ending. Jim bit the dust to Stuart’s Dutch, and Gordon made it a Double Dutch (sorry) with a nice win over Shiva.


Dundee C 1.5-2.5 Castlehill D

L Archip (1529)          1-0       G Thomas (1331)

R Flood (1509)           0-1       C Wilson (1323)

A Woodcock (1383)   0.5       G Atkins (1279)

R Burnett (1374)         0-1       I Ford (1164)

The C team again lost when grading-wise we may have expected better. Laurenziu did his job comfortably on board 1 continuing his excellent Congress form. Alan held for a draw with Graham who has been in good form lately. Robert would be disappointed with his game, and for mine, Cameron played very well, but I just missed so much. Getting old!


Dundee E 1-3 Kirkcaldy C

P Gibson (815)            0-1       S Deas (1037)

S McKenzie (530)       0-1       A Wood (1028)

C Sim                          1-D

M Wang                      0-1       J Christie

Our E team lost to an experienced Kirkcaldy C in a match which went much as expected, aside from one of Kirkcaldy players unexpectedly not arriving! Young Max made his competitive debut for us and played well if a little wayward as is to be expected. As he gains experience, he will do well.

Dundee Congress Premier


Two more games from our joint Dundee Premier champions. David’s crushing 2nd Round win v Stephen McQuillan with notes by David (thank you!) and Ed’s huge last round victory over Fide Master Alan Tate to complete a sensational tournament. Top quality tactical play gents!

Club Night 22/10/19


A busy club night with the juniors back and a healthy adult turnout too. Some of the Congress participants were no doubt resting their laurels or licking their wounds (mine take a fair bit of licking) but we did have the joint Dundee Premier Champions in attendance, David Findlay to play a Club Championship game, and Ed Spencer to give the benefit of his expertise to some new members and us lesser mortals.

In the Championship, David overcame Jim Anderson as his Philidor-style setup vanquished Jim’s Trompowsky favourite. Alan Woodcock’s solid London System held Frank Stevenson to a draw.

We had a return visit too from young Max Wang who enjoyed tuition from Jim and a few friendlies. Max’s parents also are hopefully catching the bug after sessions with myself and Christine!

An even busier week in store next week, with four(!) matches on at the club, plus the first TAFCA Allegro at Kirkcaldy on Wednesday. Chess never sleeps.

Dundee Congress


Dundee Congress 2019


There was a good club contingent at this year’s Congress which was nice to see. The first thing to say is a hearty thanks and congratulations to the organisers who ensured a fabulously smooth-running and enjoyable weekend in The Chaplaincy – an excellent venue comparable to any Congress in Scotland. So take a bow Congress Director Keith Rose and his staunch team, arbiters Fiona Petrie, Michael Roth and Ray Noble.  Jean Chalmers collated all the entries and monies over the past weeks. Thanks to Jean and her daughter Louise for organising and serving up a scrumptious café over the weekend too, and to all the Congress committee who work all year to bring this about. And thanks also to the army of volunteers who stayed behind to assist with the clear-up afterwards. A special word to the organisers of the Lindores Abbey Chess Stars Tournament who had a stall selling merchandise from the star-laden tournament earlier this year, and donated several fine items as Congress prizes.

From a club point of view, it was a highly successful weekend, with top honours to our seasoned warriors David Findlay and Ed Spencer who shared a four-way tie for first place in the Premier along with IM Stephen Mannion and FM Murad Abdulla, ahead of IMs Andrew Greet and Mark Orr, and FMs Alan Tate and Neil Berry. David was his usual formidable self, Ed’s stupendous form resulted in a superb rating performance of 2443! Including wins over Mark Orr and Alan Tate.  The two drew their individual encounter in round three. Well done and congratulations gentlemen!

Special mention also to a remarkable performance in the Major by Laurenziu Archip, sharing 2nd prize with 4/5, losing only to 5/5 winner Stephen Smith, with a rating performance of 1858!

Full results and report on the Congress Website

Hopefully all the participants enjoyed the weekend, especially those not accustomed to such intense chess. There is nothing finer than a congress to immerse yourself in a huge chess experience, and the more you play, the better you get, and the more you love it! And in Dundee we have one to rank alongside the best. Thanks again to all involved.


Club Performances


1= David Findlay        4/5       grade 2109      rating performance 2188

1= Ed Spencer            4/5       2025                2443

7= Stephen Hogg        3/5       2065                2011

29= Alastair Dawson  1/5       1806                1554


2= Laurenziu Archip   4/5       1529                1858

38= Ray Flood            2/5       1509                1380 (Move on. Nothing to see here)

48= Trevor Harley       1.5/5    1439                1351


12= George Burton     3/5       1350                1062

12= Thibault Rosazza 3/5       –                       1238

23= Max Whisson       2.5/5    948                  1154

31= Christine Sim       2/5       –                       878

39= Scot Mckenzie     1.5/5    530                  737

Dundee Congress report


The Dundee Congress started yesterday with a few club members playing in the 3 tournaments. In the Premier tournament after 3 rounds David Findlay and Ed Spencer are on 2.5, Stephen Hogg has 2 and Alastair Dawson 0.5. In the Major Laurenziu Archip is on 3 out of 3 and Ray Flood on 1.5. The Minor has Thibault Rosazza is on 2 out of 3, Max Whisson, George Burton and Scott McKenzie are on 1.5 and Christine Sin on 1. Also in the Minor Castlehill have 2 on full points Graham Aitkins and Rishi Vijayakumar who is a junior 8 years old.

Results and draws on

Newport Knights B  2.5 – 1.5  Dundee C


The C team got off to a rocky start in our TAFCA campaign, with a disappointing loss to Newport Knights B. All seemed quite promising for a spell too. I won my game fairly quickly, Alan was under pressure but fighting, while Laurenziu and Robert were material ahead. Alan held firm for the draw, but Laurenziu and Robert let their advantage slip, and gradually succumbed to their opponents counter attacks. A setback considering our grading advantage, but not a fatal one as we play each other home and away this season, so time to repair the damage.

No carbon score sheets in Newport, and my game wasn’t particularly publishable! But thanks to our hosts, as gracious as ever.

Newport Knights B  2.5 – 1.5  Dundee C

  1. A Sneddon   1-0     L Archip
  2. R McLaren   0-1     R Flood
  3. A Wallace    0.5      A Woodcock
  4. A Pye           1-0      R Burnett




Tuesday October 15th saw Dundee Chess Club up and running with internal competitions and external TAFCA league matches. Several matches for Round 1 of the Club Championship were completed on Tuesday October 8th. Tuesday October 15th, however, witnessed one of the first matches of the TAFCA season between Dundee B and Dundee A with the latter winning by 3.5-0.5. The remaining matches for Round 1 of the Club Championship are due to take place next Tuesday October 22nd. Then the following week, a busy evening is anticipated with four TAFCA league matches scheduled to take place on the same evening. Updates on the Club Championship and a match report for Dundee B versus A are available elsewhere on the website.

Club Night 15/10/19


The A and B teams kicked off their TAFCA campaigns with a match against each other. The B team were heavily outgunned grading-wise, but ready to fight the good fight.

As so often, the scoreline belied the hard fought contests that were played out. Unusually, the games finished neatly in board order! Frank went slightly astray in a sharp Sozin Sicilian and David took the first point. Jim’s trademark Trompowsky was solidly rebuffed by Stephen’s King’s Indian setup, and Jim was left with a lost ending. Ed and Laurenziu fought out their second Sicilian in a matter of weeks, a closer contest this time, but Laurenziu’s weak e pawn proved fatal in a tough struggle. Your correspondent also got into a tough ending against Alastair, but managed to hold with a bit of good fortune.

So a 3.5 – 0.5 win for the A team to kick-start the defence of their title, but a hearty performance from the B team.

Dundee B 0.5 – 3.5 Dundee A

  1. F. Stevenson 0-1 D. Findlay
  2. J. Anderson 0-1 S. Hogg
  3. L. Archip 0-1 E. Spencer
  4. R. Flood 0.5-0.5 A. Dawson


Elsewhere, plenty of friendly chess being played, so much so that your pessimistic correspondent had to set up an extra table(!) even though the juniors were still on hols. We also had a visit from our old friend George, who will hopefully return.


Hopefully everyone is getting plenty of practice for the Dundee Congress at Castlehill’s Chaplaincy at the weekend, and good luck to all participants.

TAFCA League starts next week


The New season of the TAFCA League starts on the14th October with the D team away to Perth B Then on the 15th October the first home match of the season The B team play the A team. The 16th October sees the C team away to Newport Knights B.

Some of the fixtures have been added to the events calendar and more will be added soon. There is also been a update to the TAFCA page results and reports will be added as soon as we get results.