AGM Matters


All AGM business matters of course(!), but the particular business of this one concerned the future funding of the club. Membership fees have never been increased for as long as anyone can remember, last 20 years or so, but lately we have been victims of our own extremely welcome success.

The large increase in membership has resulted in a corresponding increase in teams entered in competitions, number of competitions entered, and the increasing costs of doing so – associations and competition organisers have been affected by the cost of living along with everyone else. Our biggest increase in cost has been the need to hire a second hall at the church premises for competitive play, as the large attendance on club nights makes it impossible to hold matches etc. downstairs. We have had to use our new match room most week nights during the league season, at a significant extra cost.

Treasurer Bruce raised concerns some time ago that the club was now operating at a significant loss. In subsequent discussions over ensuing months, it was clear that fees would have to rise for the first time in a generation. Bruce himself noted that the headline figure of an operating loss of some £250 is likely to be an underestimate, as the church has been somewhat generously irregular in their invoicing for charges.

We have excellent premises at the church – likely the best that most of the veteran members, going back 50 years or more(!) can think of. We have an excellent relationship with the church too, and we all feel that finding a way to remain here is by far the best option and in the best interests of the club. Bottom line outcome from the meeting was an increase in fees from £30 per annum to £48, payable by online payment at £4 per month. Junior fees to rise from £10 to £20. Less than £1 a week for all that the club offers must be an exceptional deal these days?!

We append the full minutes of the meeting for you to peruse at your leisure, and hope you agree with the decisions of the members attending, and continue to support the club in what we are all sure will be a very bright future.

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