AGM 2016

Minutes of meeting of Dundee Chess Club held on Tuesday 7th June 2016 in St Peters Free Church, Dundee at 7.30 pm

Present: A Borwell, D Findlay, Mrs J Chalmers, J Anderson, A Dawson, G Robertson, S McKenzie, P Walsh, A Woodcock

Apologies: R Burnett, F Stevenson, S Docherty

Approval of Minutes: Proposed by S McKenzie. Seconded by A Woodcock

Matters Arising: None

Amendment to Constitution: The Committee had previously amended the Constitution and
these were intimated to the meeting. Proposed by P Walsh, seconded by S McKenzie

President’s Report:  J. Anderson said that the Club had had a very good season. We had narrowly lost the Knockout to St Andrews but the C team had won Division 2. The A team won Division 1 again. Callum McQueen won the Club Championship. A Dawson has the Club Championship shield which has been engraved. With regard to the Dundee City teams in the SNCL, the A team narrowly lost to Edinburgh, the B team stay in Division 2 and the juniors did very well. Jim thanked Alastair Dawson for organising this. Alastair said he may have to re-think the teams for this year as the juniors are getting older. Jim congratulated David Findlay who won the J.R. Chalmers Grand Prix trophy. Jim said that he was disappointed that the TAFCA Individual didnt take place. It had to be postponed twice. However, TAFCA are to organise one day allegros to try to keep the interest. Details of the format are to follow from Ray Noble. He said that it was disappointing that the juniors seem to have tapered off. Alan Borwell said that Jim had borne the brunt of setting up for the coaching sessions. Jim thanked others who had also helped. He also thanked David Findlay for doing the simultaneous display in December. Jean had organised food and had arranged for TV coverage. David said that it had been good publicity for the Club.

Treasurer’s Report:  Alan Borwell produced accounts for the year which had been audited by Gary Weir. He went over the items in detail. All members had paid their fees timeously and some members had paid extra which all helped to finance the premises. There was higher expenditure than last year due to us paying to keep the premises available during the summer. We need to consider how we can attract juniors next year. David Robertson, knows the Rector at Harris Academy and will try to encourage pupils to come to us. We need more digital clocks and Alan Woodcock asked how much they cost. Alan said approximately £30 each and we need another 3. Alan thanked Jean for helping to collect subscriptions and running the cafe during the year. The projected funds at 30th September 2016 were £526.84 and looks healthy for the new season. S McKenzie asked what the advertising costs were for. Alan said we had purchased banners and there was a newspaper advertisement. Alan is to get more banners because they stood out and people noticed them. Alastair said that it was important that the income from the simultaneous, teas etc. contributed to boosting the bank balance. We should consider doing something similar. He also said that he had sent out e-mails through Dundee University’s internal system and there had been quite a few replies but nothing had really come of it. Discussion followed re the recruitment of adults and juniors. Jean said that as far as primary schools were concerned we should give out “letters home” as they were more likely to get to the parents rather than leaving posters in schools. It was felt that we could organise a primary school competition. David thought that 7 pm might be a better start time for the juniors. Alastair wants to try a lunchtime session at Dundee High School and suggested we contact schools after the summer holidays. Jim thanked Alan for his report.

Election of Office Bearers:

President:  J Anderson Nominated J Chalmers Seconded D Findlay
Vice President:  D Findlay Nominated A Borwell Seconded P Walsh
Secretary:  J Chalmers Nominated A Borwell Seconded A Woodcock
Treasurer:  A Borwell Nominated A Woodcock Seconded P Walsh
Press Officer:  J Chalmers proposed that we leave this and that the committee organise any
publicity. Seconded by P Walsh
Competition Secretary: A Dawson Nominated J Chalmers Seconded J Anderson
Auditor:  G Weir Nominated J Chalmers Seconded J Anderson
Ordinary Members:
G Robertson Nominated J Anderson Seconded P Walsh
A Woodcock Nominated J Anderson Seconded P Walsh
P Walsh Nominated J Chalmers Seconded A Woodcock
S McKenzie Nominated J Chalmers Seconded J Anderson
F Stevenson Nominated J Anderson Seconded A Woodcock


David Findlay said we should give a vote of thanks to Allisons Bar for their outstanding hospitality. There have been various tournaments held there and the visiting teams as well as our own teams were very impressed. Jean said she would send a letter to Allisons. There was a discussion regarding teams for next season and Jim said that the committee would organise this nearer the time. John Warren had been good with the fixtures. Jean said that there is a new ruling regarding digital clocks which will be the home team’s responsibility to ensure accuracy.

2017 Celebration of 1867 Dundee International Tournament

Dundee Chess Club was formed 20 years prior to this tournament and was involved in the organisation of it. 10 top players played in an all play all with 2 other tournaments also running. It lasted over 1 week. If we are to commemorate this event, we would have to start organising things very soon. Alan said we should have a Planning Committee and he offered to chair this. The following were co-opted to the Committee. A Borwell, A Dawson, J Anderson, R Noble, J Chalmers, P Walsh, G Robertson, K Rose.

Jean said it would be good if this could be tied in with the opening of the new V & A. Peter’s book has a lot of information on this tournament. Alastair said it might be worthwhile investigating the possibility of having Peter’s book online.

The Chairman closed the meeting at 9.20 pm.