Club Championship 2020-21

The Club Championship starts this Tuesday 22nd December 7:30pm. If you are not able to play on this date please rearrange with your opponent and play it by 12th January. 

The time control is 45min +15sec per move. The white player must start the game.

Result TAFCA Online League

Last night saw the first of the New TAFCA Online League take place.  We have 4 teams in this competition 2 in div 1 and 2 in div 2. Last night saw 2 of them play each other, Dundee Centrosaurus` v Dundee Datousaurus`. This was a hard fought contest with the Centrosaurus’ coming out on top.  Final result was Dundee Centrosaurus` 2½ – 1½ Dundee Datousaurus`. Tonight sees another match this time Kirkcaldy B v Newport Knights Bells. You can watch the matches live and play through last nights games. Click here and go to the TAFCA website and click on the links. 

TAFCA League online first match

The first match in the New TAFCA online League is tonight at 7:30 pm its Dundee Centrosaurus` v Dundee Datousaurus`. You can find teams details and a link for each game to allow you to watch the games live at these links Click here for spreadsheet of Dundee Matches or click here for matches on this week.

TAFCA Online League


Well here we go with a new chapter in TAFCA history as they start holding chess competitions “ONLINE”!

Dundee Chess Club as an affiliated TAFCA Club, will be supporting this new venture. We have 4 teams so far if you have not entered an wish to do so please (Contact Jim Anderson )

The COVID-19 pandemic was a disaster for the world and for OTB chess matches, but every cloud it seems has a silver lining as TAFCA pushed it`self to find other avenues to play matches on!

The “TAFCA League Online” will be run the same way as the OTB TAFCA League, but with a few minor changes to accommodate the fact we are playing online.

All the information you need including the rules, how to play online, and any other relevant information etc can be found on the TAFCA Website Here, under TAFCA Online! You can also download how to play Tafca league matches online on lichess Here

This is a trial run to iron out any possible problems before the start of the 2020/21 season. In the short term we might have to play the 2020/21 season online (hopefully not), but in the long term this might be a permanent “TAFCA SUMMER LEAGUE” run between June to Sept for those that like to play all year round!

We are looking for your support, but be quick as the deadline for teams is the 15th June 2020!


ENTRY 2020 (trial run)

  • All team entries to be in from affiliated TAFCA Clubs by 15/06/20
    (Club secretaries will receive email for entries from Online controller)
  • League start date: 1st July 2020 to end of October 2020.
  • If interested in playing in league, please see your club secretary.

Dundee Chess Club AGM

The AGM is this Monday 15th June 2020 at 7:30pm. This is going to take place on Zoom. A link will be sent out on the day of the meeting to all members. Anyone not sure of using zoom please get in touch ( Jim Anderson) and I will help you. It is very important that as many of you as possible join in to discuss the future of the Club.  Any proposals should be sent to Jean Chalmers by 8th June.

SNCL report

Scottish National Chess League, February 2nd, 2020 Rounds 3 & 4, Carnegie Conference Centre, Dunfermline.

Dundee City had 20 players on hand to compete in Rounds 3 and 4 of this year’s SNCL. Competition was extremely tough as usual. When silence descended in the hall except for the shuffling of chess pieces, our A team embarked on a bruising encounter against Edinburgh West who were led by IM Craig Pritchett on Board 1 down to George Neave (2116) on Board 5. It was a great debut for Jacque Ophoff on Board 1 who defeated Craig Pritchett. This was followed by fine draws by David Findlay (vs Joe Redpath), Stephen Hogg (vs Neil Farrell) and Ed Spencer (vs George Neave). So a 2.5/2.5 draw against arguably the strongest Division 1 team. In Division 2, Dundee City B had on the face of it not too hard a match against Dumfries but the match ended up drawn. Full points were collected by Ben Volland and Robert Jackson on Boards 4 and 5, Alastair drew against Nikos Argyroudis to secure the draw. In reality, it was not so good however, since he (this author) inexplicably threw away a simple win in time trouble. In Division 3, Dundee City C lost 2-3 against a strong Perth team. The highlight of this match was a superb win on Board 1 by debut Michael Dugdale over Martin Gourlay. But a win on bottom board by Ed Walton was not enough to prevent the loss. In Division 5, Dundee City were up against it in an encounter against Edinburgh and Fife Red Bulls. The latter team was hugely strong and led by WFM Rhian Hughes ably supported on Board 2 by Lloyd Hughes. So out-gunned and out-manoeuvred the team went down 0-5.
And so to the afternoon. Nothing is easy in the SNCL and nowhere was this more the case than in Division 1 where the Dundee City A team were up against Bon Accord A. With FMs Murad Abdulla and Hamish Olsen on the top two boards and Daniel Maxwell, Euan Gray and Duncan Harwood on boards 3,4 and 5 this was not going to be easy. In a tense encounter between Murad and Jacques Ophoff and with both players having no more than a minute each left on their clocks it was Murad who came out on top. But this was countered by fine wins from Stephen Hogg and Ed Spencer and draws from Andrew Wright and David Findlay. Ed, in particular, starred in a difficult position where he pulled off a magical Q sacrifice with a smothered mate threat to win the game. So the A team ended up winning by 3-2. In Division 2 there was some trepidation since Dundee City B were up against a very strong Kilmarnock team with Jamie Malkin, Eliot Frew and Kenny Malkin on the top 3 boards. In the end Kilmarnock proved too strong with the only points on the team sheet coming from Alastair with a win over Kenny Malkin and a draw by Ben Volland against Douglas Hamilton. So the final result was 1.5-3.5 to Kilmarnock. In Division 3, Dundee City played well against Pentland Hills but suffered a 2-3 loss. Here, the top performance was a very good win by Keith Rose over Andrew Clark supported by draws from Jan Barron-Majerik and Ray Flood. In Division 5 things turned out well for Dundee City D against Hamilton B. Here, Marten Kats gained a convincing win on Board 2. And there were wins also for Max Whisson and our young talent Rishi Vijaykumar – so a great 3-2 win.
To sum up – after 4 rounds in Division 1, Edinburgh West are marginally ahead on 6 points with 3 chasing teams on 5 points – Dundee City A, Stepps and Bon Accord A. In Division 2 Dundee City B are sitting mid-table on 3 points. The clear leaders here are Thistles and Kilmarnock –each on 8 points. In Division 3, things are looking not so good for Dundee City C who presently sit bottom of the Division. But some good performances in Rounds 5 and 6 will help considerably. In Division 5, Dundee City D are presently in 6th place with 4 points. Our Juniors are doing well and gaining priceless experience with every match played. Next up is the 3rd match day on March 1st – good luck to all. Star performance of the day in this case needs to be shared between Michael Dugdale’s win over Martin Gourlay and Jacques Ophoff’s win over IM Craig Pritchett.


Richardson cup 18th January 2020

The ¼ final of this year’s Richardson Cup was held at the Inchture Hotel on Saturday January 18th. The format of Richardson Cup matches consists of teams of 8 players and a playing session of 40 moves in 2 hours plus 30 minutes each in addition once the time control has been reached. This year Dundee were strengthened by our new Board 1, Jacques Ophoff – giving a team of Jacques, David Findlay, Andrew Wright, Ed Spencer, Stephen Hogg, Gary Weir, Alan Borwell and Euan Dawson – this is by any standard a very strong team but it could be argued that Edinburgh were even stronger, perhaps one of the top two teams in Scotland and led on Board 1 by FM Neil Berry.
All of the matches were lengthy and extremely tight. First to finish was Stephen Hogg who lost a very tight match as Black against Andrew Green. There followed several draws. Alan Borwell drew his match against the high-graded Hugh Brechin. Jacques used a Slav Defence to obtain equality against Neil Berry and eventually a draw was agreed in an evenly balanced and Queenless middlegame. Then, Euan Dawson reached a drawn R and P endgame against the highly-rated Raj Bhopal. But then a couple of reverses. Ed Spencer found it tough going against Adam Bremner in a Sicilian Morra Gambit and eventually resigned. Then Andrew Wright and Petros Walden on Board 3 reached a time scramble leading up the time control. Such was the speed of play by both as the time control approached that the game moves had to be reconstructed – and at that point it was found that Andrew has lost on time with his opponent only having himself 5 seconds left on his clock.
Shortly afterwards David Findlay and Calum MacQueen agreed a draw on Board 2. Which left Gary Weir up against Graeme Kafka on Board 6. Gary has not played much chess in the last 2 years but the standard of his play did not reflect that. He entered the middle-game a pawn up with Graeme struggling to hold a fragile position. But hang on Graeme did, and with the match already decided, a draw was agreed between the two players. The final result was 5.5 – 2.5 in favour of Edinburgh. Dundee should be proud of drawing 5 of the matches against higher-grade opposition. But at the end of the day, the strength in depth of the Edinburgh was probably the telling factor that enabled them to secure a place in the semi-finals. Overall it was an enthralling afternoon of high-quality chess and Dundee Chess Club should be proud of having put up such a fighting performance.

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