Dundee D v Dundee C


Division Two 26/2/24

BrdGradeDundee D 1v3Dundee C Grade
1 1300e David EwingBv 1 Ray FloodW1442 
21150  Ronnie AgnewW 0v 1 Bruce WallaceB1435 
3938  Norrie CarrollB 0v 1 Robert BurnettW1318 
4 885 Henri MeadowsW 1v 0 Doug SmartB 

An as expected if not without incident result. The C Team adjusts to life without Jonathan, and we wish him well. Many thanks to Doug for stepping in last minute and pleased that he enjoyed his game against vastly under-rated Henri. We do need to find someone to bring down the C Team’s average age though…

SNCL Rounds 5 & 6


Report: Scottish National Chess League (SNCL), Rounds 5 and 6, February 25th 2024

We are now past the half-way stage in this year’s SNCL tournament. When the players sat down to play Round 5 on Sunday morning, Dundee City A team were up against Stepps. On this occasion things did not go Dundee City’s way. A late slip in an ending by David Findlay against IM Douglas Bryson and losses also for Ed Spencer and Stephen Hogg resulted in an uncharacteristic 2-3 loss. In Division 2, wins for Andre Babin, Matthew Deighan and Joshua Crofts sealed a 3-2 victory over a tough East Kilbride team. In Division 3, Dundee City C were about to start a fantastic day of chess. A late call-off by Tom Wardlaw due to illness meant that the team was defaulting a point in each of the 2 rounds. In the morning round, however, against Forth Valley C wins for Alisdair McLeod, Ray Noble, Ana Seijas Otero plus a draw for Kan Wan resulted in a 3.5-1.5 victory.

Competition resumed in the afternoon. In Division 1, Dundee City were up against Hamilton A led by Tom Donohue (1934). There were wins this time from Andrew Wright and David Findlay. However, losses for Helge Magnussen and Stephen Hogg plus a draw from Ed Spencer resulted in a 2.5/2.5 draw. In Division 2, Dundee City B faced the highly-rated Dumfries and District team. This time, despite a loss for Alastair Dawson on Board 2, there were wins for Ian Sneddon and Joshua Crofts. These wins, plus draws for Andre Babin and Matthew Deighan resulted in the second 3-2 win of the day – a fantastic result despite being out-graded on the top 3 boards. In Division 3, our C team continued their sparkling form against Queens Park. While Dundee United were running out winners that afternoon against Queens Park in the Scottish football Championship, our Dundee City chess team ran out convincing winners over Queens Park with 4 wins from Alisdair McLeod, Kam Wan, Ray Noble and the fast-improving Ana Seijas Otero. With the defaulted Board 5, the match score was a 4-1 victory. To summarise, of the 8 matches played by the C-team on Sunday, they notched up 7 wins plus a draw – a remarkable achievement!

So where does this leave the 3 Dundee City teams? In Division 1, our A-team has now slipped into 4th place – and 3 points behind leaders Dunfermline Knights who are on 11 points. Rounds 7 and 8 represent crunch time for the A-team with a morning match against Edinburgh West and the present leaders, Dunfermline Knights in the afternoon. In Division 2, our B team has climbed the rankings with their two wins. They now sit in 2nd place on 10 points and 1 point behind tournament leaders Lenzie Basilisks. They are now due to play CSBOS2 in Round 7 and local rivals, Perth, in Round 8. In Division 3, our Dundee City C team has rapidly climbed the league table and now sits in 3rd place, 2 points behind the joint leaders Edinburgh West B and Inverclyde Phoenix. For the team pairings in Division C for Rounds 7 and 8, we will have to wait until March 17th to find out the next two opponents for our C-team. Good luck to all our teams for Rounds 7 and 8 on Sunday March 17th – with promotion places at a premium and a national title at stake, there is a lot to play for!


Dundee E v Newport Knights


TAFCA Division Two  19/2/24

BrdGradeDundee E 0v4Newport Knights Grade
1  Andrew CollinsB 0v 1 Roy Morris    W 1366
2  Hugh Docherty    W 0v 1 Douglas CairnsB1327 
3  Steven Leaburn JrB 0v 1 Angus SneddonW1327 
4  Steven Leaburn SrW 0v 1 Alan WallaceB 1132

A tough ask for our inexperienced side, but that’s how you get experience! We’re going big on family fielding these days, having Brian and Amy Soutar a few weeks back, and now father and son Steven Leaburn. The Knights were confused no end to find two of them seemed to be up against the same player, but sadly our distraction tactics proved fruitless. Good performances though against a strong and experienced side. And always a pleasure to welcome our Fife Friends.

Club Championships 2nd Round (as stands!) 


1Ophoff Jacques11-0Burnett Robert1
2Seijas Otero Ana Belen10-1DFindlay David J1
3Spencer Edwin A11-0Agnew Ronnie1
4Collins Andrew10-1Dawson Alastair G1
5Smart Doug10-1Drabych Vladyslav1
6Emery Keith11-0Sim Christine1
7Ewing David10-1Kinnell Jonathan1
8Wallace Bruce00-1Crofts Joshua½
9Watson Thomas0½-½McInally Kerr0
10Soutar Amy00-1Bisset Lewis0
11Soutar Brian01-0Leaburn Jnr Steven0
12McHugh Kara00-1Carroll Norrie0
Wilk Hubert0Bye 

TAFCA Knockout Semi Final


St Andrews A 3½ – 4½ Dundee A

BrdGradeSt Andrews A1st2ndv1st2ndDundee A Grade
1 1747 Benjamin Ridge 0 ½v 1 ½ Alastair Dawson 1764
2 1698 Jan Thiel 0 1v 1 0 Joshua Crofts 1629
3 1600 Kevin Lee 0 1v 1 0 Keith Emery 1533
4 1490 Alexander Corke 1 0v 0 1 Adam Clark 1500

The Knockout is typically a match format where the time handicap can be a significant factor, but here the grading difference between each pairing was unusually very close. Dundee were very slightly behind, meaning a draw would have put them through on tie-break, but our guys were determined to win outright, and were straight out of the blocks with a 3-1 lead from the first round of games. This meant they could even afford to lose 3-1 2nd time around, but secured just a 2 ½-1 ½ deficit to march into the final, where they face either St Andrews B or Newport Knights.

Best of luck to the team as they attempt to win back the trophy we held for a few years because of the pandemic! And this time they don’t have the additional handicap of having me in the side.

TAFCA 5/2/24


Division 1

BrdGradeDundee A 3v1St Andrews A Grade
1 2253 Jacques OphoffB 1v 0 Jan ThielW 1698
2 2132 Ed SpencerW 1v 0 Kevin LeeB 1600
3 1842 Phil CohenB 1v 0 Conan LiptrottW 1580
4 1764 Alastair DawsonW 0v 1 Zac DenhamB 1422

Comfortable win for the Champions, over a St Andrews side which has clearly suffered from the usual flux of students. Still a strong side, and Alastair’s slip in the ending a reminder that you can take nothing for granted!

Division 2

BrdGradeDundee C 3v1St Andrews C Grade
1 1442 Ray FloodB 1v 0 Eve KenicerW1350e 
2 1435 Bruce WallaceW ½v½  Adam BrittainB1350e 
3 1318 Robert BurnettB½ v½  Archie WoodhouseW1150e 
4 1310e Jonathan KinnellW 1v 0 Milly HowardB1200e

And an identical score a division down, albeit by a different route. A good result against a side better than their estimated ratings, as so often the case.

Allegro Tempo




   MUSIC   specialized

UK  /əˈleɡ.rəʊ/ US  /əˈleɡ.roʊ/

(played) in a fast and energetic way:”

David’s 4th Round game with Euan Murray. David says, “The attack is almost certainly not sound and I was behind on the clock for the only time that evening.” Not bad for someone recording all his games at a 15 minute time control!

David ended up sharing the Dundee leg with clubmate CM Jacques Ophoff, both on 5/5. Not enough rounds to separate them! Jacques was able to win his game with fellow Dundee legend and Scottish Champion Ed Spencer in the final round. Last year, all three shared the title on 4½/5, when David and Ed drew their last round game!

SNCL Rounds 1-4


Scottish National Chess League (SNCL): Season 2023-2024

The early rounds (1-4)

The new season of the SNCL started with a slight change in format with Divisions 1 and 2 having 10 teams each with the matches played over 9 rounds. On this occasion Division 3 consisted of all the remaining 16 teams. As the day of the first 2 rounds approached, everything seemed to be going to plan. Dundee City A were trying to defend their national title, but it was going to be a tough task with a host of strong teams from across Scotland also challenging for the top honour. New teams choosing to join the SNCL competition in any year always have to start in the lowest Division. Therefore, it was guaranteed that there would be a handful of potentially strong teams entering the competition in Division 3.

Division 1 got off to a bumpy start. This was because the first Sunday coincided with one of numerous severe winter storms that disrupted transport across the country. NE Scotland was particularly badly hit, meaning that it was impossible for Bon Accord to travel to the Dunfermline venue. This meant that their opponents in the first 2 rounds (Forth Valley A in Round 1 and Hamilton A in Round 2) were left to sit it out. Although this was no-one’s fault, it has left the tournament organisers with a headache in respect of how to resolve the issue of two matches not having been played.

In the morning round, Dundee A faced CS BOS1. It was a tough match to start the season with – but wins from Andrew Wright and Helge Magnussen plus draws from Stephen Hogg and Ed Spencer gave Dundee City A a 3-2 win. In Division 2, all of the teams managed to make it to Dunfermline. Dundee City B started their campaign against Corstorphine with a thumping 4-1 win, with full points coming from Kam Wan, Tom Wardlaw and Ray Noble plus draws from Matthew Deighan and Alisdair McLeod. In Division 3, Dundee City C were up against a much stronger Inverclyde Phoenix and lost 1-4, our only point coming from a default on bottom board.

The afternoon round saw Dundee City A overwhelm a much weaker Forth Valley A by 4.5-0.5. In Division 2, Dundee City B were up against Forth Valley B but some nice wins from Matthew Deighan, Alisdair McLeod and Tom Wardlaw saw them scrape through by 3-2. In Division 3, the Dundee City C team was heavily outgraded by a Paisley team who completed a whitewash over their Tayside counterparts.

And so we move forward into 2024 and January 28th with Rounds 3 and 4 to be played. Fortunately, this time a day of calm weather separated the many winter storms and all teams managed to make it to the venue. In Division 1 in the morning session, Dundee City A continued their winning ways with a heavy defeat of Edinburgh 1 by 4.5-0.5. In Division 2 Dundee City B were up against league favourites, Lenzie Basilisks. It was a tough match as one might imagine. Joshua Crofts gained a good draw on Board 4- and Alisdair McLeod won on Board 5. But it was not enough, and Lenzie ran out winners by3.5-1.5. In Division 3, the C team put in a much stronger performance running out clear winners over Stonehaven by 3.5-1.5. In this match full points were gained by Adam Clark on Board 2, Subhayu Banerjee on Board 3 and Ana Seijas Otero on Board 5. It was Adam’s first match in the SNCL and it was great to see him coming out of a tough rook and pawn ending with the full point.

In the afternoon, things were much tougher for Dundee City A against a strong Wandering Dragons team led by FM Andrew Burnett. There were wins for Andrew Wright and Helge Magnussen and a draw Ed Spencer against Alan Minnican. But masterly play by Andrew Burnett against David Findlay together with a win for Walter Burnett over Stephen Hogg meant that the match was drawn. It remains to be seen how costly this dropped point will be. In Division 2, the B team regrouped and came out winners over Edinburgh 2. This time, wins from Andre Babin and Alastair Dawson plus draws from Matthew Deighan and Joshua Crofts were enough to secure a 3-2 victory. In Division 3, our C team was up against Edinburgh West C. This time wins from Adam Clark, Jonathan Kinnell and Ana Seijas Otero plus a draw from Subhayu Banerjee were sufficient to win by 3.5-1.5. Special mention should go to Adam and Jonathan who both played exceptionally well in their first SNCL outing.

With Round 4 finished there is still a long way to go for the Dundee City teams. In Division 1, only a single point at the top of the table separates Dundee City A, Dunfermline Knights, Stepps and Wandering Dragons. In Division 2, Dundee City B sit in 3rd place, two points behind Lenzie and Dumfries. In Division 3, Dundee City C have now moved up the table after a shaky start in October to lie in 10th place out of 16 teams. We all look forward now to Rounds 5 and 6 that are due to take place on February 25th 2024 – weather permitting!

Alastair Dawson

Kirkcaldy B v Dundee C


TAFCA Division 2

BrdGradeKirkcaldy B vDundee C Grade
1 1444 Shiva SubramanianB 1 v 0 Ray FloodW1442 
2 1383 Paul AndersonW 1v 0  Bruce WallaceB1435 
3 1373 Euan HendersonB 1v 0  Robert BurnettW1318 
4 1271 Bryan O’RourkeW 0v 1 Jonathan KinnellB1310e 
   3v 1  

A sobering night for the C Team. Not so much for your correspondent, who swiftly retreated to the lovely bar after an appalling 11 move loss to Shiva. As such, and with no copy score sheets, I can’t comment much on the other games, aside from the obs that Bruce and Robert put up considerably more resistance than I, but the Kirkcaldy guys are tough opponents at the best of times. Jonathan thankfully saved the whitewash, coming through a topsy-turvy Fried Liver Attack intact. We’ve likely blown promotion thoughts now, but then who wants to play 1st Division anyway?

Club Night 22/1/24


TAFCA Division Two

BrdGradeDundee D vSt Andrews C Grade
1 1302e David EwingB 0v 1 Adam BrittainW 1350e
2 984 Christine SimW 0v 1 Eve KenicerB 1350e
3  Thomas WatsonB 1v 0 Milly HawardW 1200e
4  Kerr McInallyW 0v 1 Elly BayazitB 1150e
 Final  1v 3Score  

The D Team’s 100% start came to a halt against strong Fife side, who are likely even stronger than their estimates. Could have been better with all the games well contested.

Club Championship Round 2

Ed Spencer 2132 1-0 Ronnie Agnew 1150

Doug Smart   0-1 Vladyslav Drabych 1660

Brian Soutar   1-0 Steven Leaburn Jnr

No shocks in the Championship games played, and the draw looking a bit healthier after another re-pairing and a few likely decisions to make.