B Team v A Team 15th October

The A and B teams kicked off their TAFCA campaigns with a match against each other. The B team were heavily outgunned grading-wise, but ready to fight the good fight.
As so often, the scoreline belied the hard fought contests that were played out. Unusually, the games finished neatly in board order! Frank went slightly astray in a sharp Sozin Sicilian and David took the first point. Jim’s trademark Trompowsky was solidly rebuffed by Stephen’s King’s Indian setup, and Jim was left with a lost ending. Ed and Laurenziu fought out their second Sicilian in a matter of weeks, a closer contest this time, but Laurenziu’s weak e pawn proved fatal in a tough struggle. Your correspondent also got into a tough ending against Alastair, but managed to hold with a bit of good fortune.
So a 3.5 – 0.5 win for the A team to kick-start the defence of their title, but a hearty performance from the B team.