Burnett – Robertson

Dundee Congress Premier

Two more games from our joint Dundee Premier champions. David’s crushing 2nd Round win v Stephen McQuillan with notes by David (thank you!) and Ed’s huge last round victory over Fide Master Alan Tate to complete a sensational tournament. Top quality tactical play gents!

Club Night 8/10/2019

School holidays, so no juniors tonight, but a fair bit of adult action(?!) going on at the club.


Three Club Championship games completed to keep our premier club competition going along nicely. Andy Kennan launched an ambitious piece sacrifice against Norrie Carroll and kept his initiative going to induce a couple of tactical errors from Norrie. Peter lost to Thibault and Alastair won a King’s Indian clash with Trevor after an unfortunate slip.


We were also joined by Gary, a former Perthshire colleague of Alan who played a few games with Max and David and seems a solid prospect who will hopefully return.


The new TAFCA season is under way and we will have two matches next week. The league has expanded into three divisions now, and the new fixtures are up on the TAFCA website  https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1_pvW41VxQZdsncSxR7VhRl8CJkNbScuQSd6_JQdc7dg/pubhtml#


Anyone interested in a taste of league action for our five teams should contact Jean, and she is also taking entries for the Dundee Congress next weekend (18th) at Castlehill’s venue, the University Chaplaincy. Plenty of chess on the way!


Club Championship


A.Dawson 1-0 T. Harley

P.Gibson 0-1 T. Rosazza

N.Carroll 0-1 A.Kennan

Games from Dundee D versus Dundee C

Here is 2 games from the TAFCA league match Dundee D Versus Dundee D.

With Analysis from Fritz.