Club Championship Round Two


Jacques Ophoff 2253 1-0 Robert Burnett 1318

Andrew Collins    0-1 Alastair Dawson 1764

Keith Emery 1533  1-0 Christine Sim 984

David Ewing 1300e  0-1 Jonathan Kinnell 1310e

Thomas Watson   ½-½  Kerr Mcinally

Amy Soutar     0-1 Lewis Bisset

Kara McHugh    0-1  Norrie Carroll 938

No surprises in the games that were played, but eight games were not, and the organisers will decide what happens with those.

TAFCA 8/1/24


We saw in the New Year with two league matches at the club. Comfortable wins for the A Team and the C Team, albeit the latter coming at the expense of the F Team.

Division One

BrdGradeDundee A vCastlehill A Grade
1 2253 Jacques OphoffB 1v 0 Helge MagnussenW 2072
2 2163 David FindlayW ½v ½ Andre BabinB 1897
3 2132 Ed SpencerB 1v 0 Alasdair McLeodW 1622
4 1842 Sir Phil CohenW 1v 0 Ewan MurrayB 1612
   3½v ½  

A rather more dominant scoreline than could have been expected, against the A Team’s likely top challengers. Achieved because Jacques, Ed and Sir Phil were in truly uncompromising form, and produced performances of the top order. Well done to Andre for preventing the whitewash, with his second draw against a Dundee legend, following his game with Ed in the Bobby Gow Memorial before Christmas.

Division Two

BrdGradeDundee F vDundee C Grade
1 – Doug SmartB 0v 1 Ray FloodW1442 
2 – Amy Soutar        W 0v 1 Bruce WallaceB1435 
3 – Steven Leaburn JrB 0 v 1 Robert BurnettW1310 
4 – Brian SoutarW 0v 1 Jonathan KinnellB 1300e 
   0v 4  

A likely expected scoreline for the C Team, but importantly two more debutants in league chess, as father and daughter Brian and Amy made their first appearances, of many I’m sure.

January events


I hope everyone has had a lovely Christmas and a good New Year.  We now have a very busy January with TAFCA events and Online matches.

The draw for the club Championship is now on the web site click here

8th January A team at home to Castlehill A and F team versus our C team.

9th January TAFCA online Allegro Championship 5 round Swiss 15min each player.

16th January TAFCA online team battle.

18th January B team away Castlehill B.

22nd January E team away to Perth B and D team at home to St Andrews C.

25th January F team away to Castlehill Juniors and C team away to Kirkcaldy B.

29th January is the TAFCA George Pyrich Allegro Championship at Dundee Chess Club.

The TAFCA Team Battle is an online tournament on Lichess which begins on 16th January at 7.30pm where each TAFCA club enters teams of 5 to 7 players in each team. Time control 5 min + 3 sec increments.  You play as many games as you can in 90min.

There will also be a new season of 4NCL and Junior NCL online matches starting on the 18th January for Juniors and 23rd January for main 4NCL.

TAFCA 4/12/23


Two more TAFCA matches this Monday in both divisions. The B team lost out narrowly to a strong Kirkcaldy A team, and another local derby ended with a win for the D team over the E team.

Division One

Dundee B 
vKirkcaldy A 
1 1629 J CroftsB 0v 1 S Stocklosew1972 
2 1560 G RobertsonW ½v½   G HerdB1598 
3 1546J Anderson B 0v 1 S BlythW1568 
4 1500e A ClarkW 1v 0 P SelbieB1270 

Division Two

Dundee D 
Dundee E 
1 1300e D EwingB 1v S MacKenzieW579 
2 984 C SimWv A CollinsB– 
3 938 N CarrollBv 1 H DochertyW– 
4 885 H MeadowsW 1v 0 T WatsonB– 
  3v 1

It’s a Knockout


The club’s efforts in the Handicap KO went into the Quarter Finals this week, as both our remaining teams took part. The A Team, looking remarkably like a League B team, succesfully negotiated the challenge from Castlehill D, but our C Team came unstuck against a strong St Andrews A.

The A team had a very strong start with 3½ points from the first round, though the unfortunate Ray Noble lived up to his name, sportingly resigning when his phone went off. A quick win by Adam to start the second round ensured the tie, though Vlad, Andy and Ray cut the result to a fair one.

The C Team’s night wasn’t quite so good. A disastrous first round left us 4-0 down, and needing a clean sweep in the second round to qualify on tie-break. Again. A promising start, with Jonathan winning, but my second loss finished us, despite Bruce’s fine consolation win. The team put up a good fight, aside from a very poor performance from the captain. They may not have been my worst two games ever, but they’re certainly contenders.

These two sides now meet each other in the semi-finals, and best wishes to them both, but patriotically we hope our remaining side can do the business.

TAFCA 20/11/23


Tayside & Fife Chess Association

Division 1 Round 3






Tayside & Fife Chess Association

Division 2 Round 3






A chaotic start when we thought our downstairs room had been leased out for the night, and we had to move everything upstairs. Still, soldier on. The A Team match took centre stage, literally, as we had them on the raised stage upstairs. Our other teams had to slum it amongst the riff-raff of the general members (kidding, obviously!!)

Two tough matches as you can see, with two spectacular top board performances by the A team. Can’t recall seeing Ed on the white side of an Advance French before, but he handled it supremely. Jacque’s game was a fascinating start, turning into an intriguing unbalanced material middlegame, but our top man pressed his edge with great aplomb. A hard fought couple of draws ensured the two points for the Champions, and our thanks to Alastair for his excellent annotations of his two games here.

Our E and F teams are used mostly to bring on our newer members into the competitive world. and there’s very little between them, as showed.

Alastair in Wonderland (or Benidorm)

This game is 124 gruelling moves from Benidorm. I played in Benidorm at the end of October in a FIDE-rated U-2000 event over 9 rounds. My score was 5.5/9 and I even won a prize. But the toughest game of all was a 124 move draw against an opponent in Round 2 who had won the tournament a couple of years earlier. It is a game of fluctuating fortunes and I hope you enjoy it. The game lasted nearly 5 hours – partly as a result of 30 second increments being used. I don’t think I have ever had to play a game where I was writing moves down on the 3rd scoresheet!

Club Championship 23/24


Round 1

  1. Kerr McInally 0-1 Jacques Ophoff CM 2253
  2. David Findlay 2163 1-0 James Lever
  3. Lewis Bisset 0-1 Edwin Spencer 2132
  4. Alastair Dawson 1764 1-0 Hugh Docherty
  5. Joshua Crofts 1629 ½-½ Adam Clark
  6. Marc Sloan 1-0 Bruce Wallace 1435
  7. Thomas Watson 0-1 Ana Belen Seijas Otero 1370
  8. Robert Burnett 1318 1-0 Amy Soutar
  9. Jonathan Kinnell 1310 1-0 Diego Sloan
  10. Steven Leaburn Jnr 0-1 Andrew Collins
  11. Ronnie Agnew 1150 1-0 Kara McHugh
  12. Brian Soutar 0-1 Doug Smart

An incredible 12 boards all playing at once in the Club Championship 1st Round! A rarity compared to recent years, partly down to the great response of our enthusiastic new membership, and a bit of makeshift re-pairing by the arbiter. Our thanks for the patience of those who suffered a slight delay while we found new opponents in some cases, but thanks to everyone for taking part in another great night. The only real upset would be Bruce letting things slip against Marc, but full marks to our new member for making the most of his chance when presented. Joshua’s draw is not exactly an upset, as Adam has shown himself a very promising talent. It was a bit unfortunate they should be drawn together, but hopefully they understand the re-pairing job that had to be done. All in all, some terrific games below.

There are still a few ties to be played, and possibly one or two others needing more re-pairing, hopefully not in the same circumstances as Monday! Shaping up to be a terrific tournament.

TAFCA KO and League Roundup 2-6 November


TAFCA Handicap KO Prelim Round 6/11/23

BrdGradeDundee A1st2ndv1st2ndDundee BGrade
1 1764 A Dawson 1 0v 0 1 J Anderson     1546
2 1629 J Crofts 1 1v 0 J Leven –
3 1533 K Emery 1 1v 0 D Hastie –
4 – A Clark 1 1v 0 L Bisset –
   7v  1 –

A Team should defeat B of course, but it’s rarely as easy as the score suggests, and was also the case here. Both teams were much changed from their previous seasons, and indeed from their league line-ups, with a few players making their debuts. Jim might be particularly philosophical about half his regular team being pinched by Alastair, but that’s how the KO rolls! Thanks also to Jim for respecting my wish to keep my own C Team together, even if he may have fancied a few of them!

Dundee C Castlehill A
Board Grade 1st 2nd v 1st 2nd
1 1442 R Flood 1 0 v 0 1 H Magnussen 2071
2 1435 B Wallace   1 1 v 0 0 R Jackson 1575
3 1318 R Burnett 1 0 v 0 1  C Kelly    1378 
4 1100e A Collins 0 0 v 1 1 M Bogs 1120e 
Final Score 4 – 4

The thing with the time handicaps is that many top players are reluctant to engage in a contest where they may have 6 minutes v their opponents 54! This explains the appearance of our A and B teams above, and a significantly weaker Castlehill A side from their usual. Plaudits therefore to Helge for stepping up to the line in just such a situation! So, an upset, but with a far lower time handicap, MoM status to Bruce for a fine performance against Robert, and a particularly emphatic attacking win in their first game. This takes us through to the next round on tie-break, a situation that has benefited and plagued us in equal measure in previous seasons!

TAFCA Division One 2/11/23

St Andrews Uni A vs Dundee B
1 1861  Bill, Vincenz  0 – 1  Crofts, Joshua 1629 
2 1798 Prayoonthamrongthiti, Pisut  1 – 0  Robertson, I Gordon 1560 
3 0  Thiel, Jan M  0 – 1  Anderson, James 1546  
4 0  Lee, Kevin  0 – 1  Emery, Keith 1533 
1- 3

A fine win indeed for the B Team against a very strong St Andrews side. I can say from experience that their bottom two boards are not far behind their teammates in playing strength, so a huge result which may have a big impact, even this early in the season. Well played.

Newport Knights v Dundee C


TAFCA Division Two

BrdGradeNewport Knights  v Dundee C Grade
1 1372 Scott FinnieBv Ray Flood    W1442 
2 1366 Roy MorrisWv Bruce WallaceB1435 
3 1327 Angus Sneddon            B1v0 Robert BurnettW1318
4 1261Jonathan TevendaleW0v1 Jonathan KennettB1310e 

The C Team travelled the seas on a dreich night to meet our old friends from Newport. After drying off and warming up, with the help of a welcome beverage, we settled down to the business at hand.

Despite missing a few top players, the Fifers are always a tough bunch with, like us, a mix of three old codgers and a rising star called Jonathan. But first, barely into the evening, Bruce blundered a piece early on, and in respect of the wily old stager and former Newport Champion Roy, promptly resigned. Our own prodigy handily won the battle of the Jonathans to bring us level, and I was able to overcome Scott’s sturdy Hippo setup to put us in the lead. Robert battled gamely to attempt to overcome Angus’s early advantage, but unfortunately in vain, as we finished our friendly contest honours even. We even gave Roy a lift back to the Ferry! Friendly rivalry – you can’t beat it 🙂