Club AGM Monday3rd June 7:30pm


Yep, that time of year again. This one is rather more important than usual though.

We have several vital issues to discuss on Monday, mostly related to membership fees and club funding in general, so we really need and would appreciate a good turnout to hear the views of as many (or all!) members as possible.

These matters are not decided by a committee or a few people ‘at the top’ – they’re decided by the members at meetings like these. It’s your club and it should run the way you want it.

Aside from these matters, it’s also a chance to have your say on anything else that’s important to you. What you like about the club, what you think could be improved, anything you’d like to see that’s not on offer just now. Nothing about the club is set in stone if the members would rather have something different. We want the club to be what you want it to be, but we need to know what that is.

Please come along if you can. Monday June 3rd 7.30