Club Championship 23/24


Round 1

  1. Kerr McInally 0-1 Jacques Ophoff CM 2253
  2. David Findlay 2163 1-0 James Lever
  3. Lewis Bisset 0-1 Edwin Spencer 2132
  4. Alastair Dawson 1764 1-0 Hugh Docherty
  5. Joshua Crofts 1629 ½-½ Adam Clark
  6. Marc Sloan 1-0 Bruce Wallace 1435
  7. Thomas Watson 0-1 Ana Belen Seijas Otero 1370
  8. Robert Burnett 1318 1-0 Amy Soutar
  9. Jonathan Kinnell 1310 1-0 Diego Sloan
  10. Steven Leaburn Jnr 0-1 Andrew Collins
  11. Ronnie Agnew 1150 1-0 Kara McHugh
  12. Brian Soutar 0-1 Doug Smart

An incredible 12 boards all playing at once in the Club Championship 1st Round! A rarity compared to recent years, partly down to the great response of our enthusiastic new membership, and a bit of makeshift re-pairing by the arbiter. Our thanks for the patience of those who suffered a slight delay while we found new opponents in some cases, but thanks to everyone for taking part in another great night. The only real upset would be Bruce letting things slip against Marc, but full marks to our new member for making the most of his chance when presented. Joshua’s draw is not exactly an upset, as Adam has shown himself a very promising talent. It was a bit unfortunate they should be drawn together, but hopefully they understand the re-pairing job that had to be done. All in all, some terrific games below.

There are still a few ties to be played, and possibly one or two others needing more re-pairing, hopefully not in the same circumstances as Monday! Shaping up to be a terrific tournament.