Club Night 12/11/19


Another very busy night with three TAFCA matches and four of our teams in action. As well as Christine’s juniors, with prizes! And the small matter of the defending Club Champion being pushed to the limit.


Club Championship

D Findlay (2109)        0.5       A Dawson (1806)

Alastair’s Caro-Kann proved a tough nut to crack even for David’s patient persistence, and eventually the two combatants agreed to a draw. Notes kindly supplied by Alastair.


Dundee B 0.5-3.5 St Andrews A

F Stevenson (1647)     0-1       E Gray (2017)

J Anderson (1611)      0-1       D Chambers (1674)

G Robertson (1554)    0-1       C Trainer

J Robertson Jnr (1546)0.5       S Ballantyne


A tough night for the B team against a strong St Andrews side. The bright spot a fighting draw for the returning John Robertson after a lengthy spell out of the game. Good to see him back, and in time to prevent the whitewash.


Dundee D 1.5-2.5 Dundee C

G Burton (1350)         0.5       L Archip (1529)

Z Swaczyna (1241)     1-0       R Flood (1509)

M Whisson (948)        0-1       A Woodcock (1383)

H Meadows (840)       0-1       R Burnett (1374)


The C team’s favourite scoreline, happily for us ending in our favour this time after two reverses. I played my last(!) Scandinavian against ZZ and after a sharp opening he out-tactic-ed me. Alan and Robert won convincingly against Max and Henri, while George continues to impress on his own return to the game, holding Laurenziu.



Dundee E 2-2 Castlehill F

C Sim              0-1       R McLeod (980)

T Rosazza        1-0       L Paton (944)

A Aguila         0-1       R Kanodia  (882)

M Wang          1-0       Default


Two sharp encounters on boards 2 and 3 were split, and ‘Christine lost on time in a very good position’ is quickly becoming a website catchphrase. Young Max unfortunately didn’t get a game due to Castlehill’s lack of players, but he amused himself with friendly games, and being reunited with old friend Ramit.


Plenty of friendly chess around too, and Christine’s juniors were put to the test as Jim set them three mating problems to solve. All succeeded, and earned themselves an Aero bar each! Considerably more than I’m likely to win this season methinks…