Club Night 14/1/2020


The new decade was welcomed in with another busy club night, with two TAFCA matches and a growing junior contingent being put through their paces by Christine and Jim.

Dundee A  3-1  Castlehill C

J Ophoff 2253  1-0  E Walton 1429
D Findlay 2109  1-0  C Young 1380
E Spencer 2025  1-0  C Hawkins 1350
A Dawson 1806  0-1  C Wilson 1323

An otherwise expected win by the A team, but for a fine performance by Cameron against Alistair. A nailbiting ending with both players down to a few minutes, where Cameron’s connected passed pawns and bishop outfought Alistair’s rook. The match also marked the debut of our new signing, Candidate Master Jacques Ophoff – a most welcome addition to the club celebrated with a good win against Steady Ed.

Dundee C  2-2  Castlehill E

L Archip 1520  1-0  N Waugh 1161
R Flood 1509  1-0  D Hayes
A Woodcock  1383 0-1  M Kats 1091
R Burnett 1374  0-1  D Coleman 1056

Sadly, once again this season, our C team failed to take advantage of a clear grading difference and conceded another point. We’ve all been culpable – myself more than most -and it’s been a disappointment so far. Still time to make amends, but needs to happen quickly! Credit to Daniel’s team for a fine performance.

Newport Knights B  1-3  Dundee D

S Finnie 1379  1-0  M Whisson 948
R Mclaren 1122  0-1  H Meadows 840
F Rossiter 777  0-1  T Rosazza
A Wallace  0-1  R Bremner

In contrast, on Wednesday our D team travelled to the always welcoming premises of Newport and managed an excellent result. Well done guys!