Club Night 3/3/20 and Kirkcaldy


Club Championship Round 3

J Anderson (1611)  1-0  N Carroll (948)

Z Swaczyna (1241) 0-1  D Findlay (2109)

M Wang (462)  0-1  T Harley (1439)

H Meadows (840)  0-1  F Stevenson (1647)

A Dawson (1806)  1-0  T Rosazza

This round featured no surprises, but plenty of hard work for some of the more established players. Jim had to fight back from a piece down to overcome Norrie, and David, though nominally two pawns up, found it very tough to break down the fortress of the fast-moving Z. In the ensuing endgame, David was down to a couple of minutes, about an hour behind on the clock!


Kirkcaldy B  0-4  Dundee B  (4/3/20)  

S Subramanian  0-1  F Stevenson (1647)

P Selbie (1241)  0-1  J Anderson (1611)

P Anderson  0-1  G Robertson (1554)

A Owens (1149)  0-1  R Flood (1509)

A very good and very important win for the B Team, but the scoreline was very hard on Kirkcaldy. Gordon won handily with a strong attack, but for the others it was a case of a tough struggle right into difficult and unclear endings. Things could have been very different, but an excellent board score for the B Team which gives them a chance of avoiding the drop.

Next crunch is on Monday night when the A Team travel to Perth to face Perth A  who are level on points at the top. Arabest guys.