Club Night 8/11/21

A terrific night at the club, mostly with the return of our junior members – the place hasn’t been the same without them! Christine is our head junior coach and as ever is doing a fabulous job educating and entertaining the kids. They are the future of the club and we hope to build up the numbers and turn them all into superstars! Actually, what we mostly want to do is introduce them to the wonderful world of chess and give them a game/hobby that will enhance their social and cultural life, hopefully for a long time to come. Enjoyment is everything.

We are also doing well with our adult recruitment, and have attracted many new members, several of whom are already playing for the teams, and others who are not far off.

Our biggest friendly tournament so far. 11 players started but Alan was only able to complete two rounds due to time constraints. In typical friendly fashion, we again managed a mass share of 1st place. An ultra-quick 10 minutes on the clock this time, but by the end, even Christine had adapted to the pace! As ever, the main thing is that everyone thoroughly enjoyed the evening, and that is what we seek to maintain for all new and returning members.