Dundee A v Kirkcaldy A


Dundee A  2½-1½  Kirkcaldy A

  1. J Ophoff 2257 1-0 G Herd 1598
  2. E Spencer 2127 ½½ J Kane 1445
  3. P Cohen 1870 ½½ P Anderson 1325
  4. A Dawson 1795 ½½ P Selbie 1263



On paper a relatively straightforward task for the champions, but the sterling performance of our friends from across the water made it anything but, and a tense contest right down to the wire. Jacques did indeed score a fine win in a very high quality performance, but Ed unusually got himself in all sorts of trouble right from the opening. Philip’s first OTB game this century (well, perhaps not quite) was a very tough affair which opened up quickly and offered some chances, but ultimately not enough. Alastair pushed hard all the way, but finally a little too hard and found himself struggling to hold the game, at one point turning down a draw offer when he was a pawn down! Having been informed of the match score, he finally settled for the half.

A tough opener for the champions, but the right result in the end, as we all try to get back to lifting the plastic men and pressing the clocks for ourselves.