Dundee B  v  Dundee A

Bd Grade Dundee B vs Dundee A Grade
1  1790 Bremner, Ross  0  –  1 Ophoff, Jacques (CM)  2257
2  1689 Emery, Keith  0  –  1 Spencer, Edwin A  2127
3  1560 Robertson, I Gordon  0  –  1 Dawson, Alastair G  1795
4  0 Dalal, Kanla  0  –  1 Hamilton, John  0
0  –  4

A scoreline you’d expect for an A v B match, but it wasn’t without twists. A tricky start with the B team two players missing and the A team one player short. Such is the strength of our club night attendances these days, the gaps were plugged quickly enough, with Kanla and John finding themselves thrust into the limelight. A touch unexpected, but they were playing each other so not such a leap on the night. Their game could have gone either way, and Ed and Keith’s game also had its hairy moments, so it could have been a slightly damaging and uncomfortable result for the champions. As it was, all is well for them as they continue their defence.