Dundee B vs Dundee A


Dundee B ½– 3½  Dundee A  

1 1629 Crofts, Joshua  0  –  1 Ophoff, Jacques (CM)  2253 

2 1560 Robertson, I Gordon  0  –  1 Spencer, Edwin A  2132

3 1546 Anderson, James  0  –  1 Cohen, Philip  1842 

4 1533 Emery, Keith  ½  –  ½ Dawson, Alastair G  1764  

The now traditional derby kicked off the 2023/24 TAFCA league season at the club. With our A Team seeking an 11th successive title, there would certainly be no quarter given to their clubmates! The top two boards featured unusual errors from the Dundee B players, though there’s no doubting the pressure of playing against a CM and the Scottish Champion! Jim seemed to be holding his own in his hallmark blocked ending, but an unfortunate slip conceded the point. Keith and Alastair fought an intruiging encounter, and I’m very grateful to Alastair for supplying his excellent annotations to the game below.