Dundee C – St Andrews B


TAFCA Division Two 16/1/23

BdGradeDundee C(1)vs(8)St.Andrew Uni BGradeComments
1 1540 Anderson, James  0 –  1Deighan, Matthew   0 
2 1475 Flood, Raymond   ½ –   ½Cargill, Josh R B  0  
3 1430 Wallace, Bruce 0 – 1Cohen, Jake  0 
4 1337 Burnett, Robert 0 – 1Lee, Kevin  0 
  ½ – 3 ½ 

A poor result, but St Andrews are clearly the top side in the division, as their grades will likely show at the year’s end! Jim was caught in a tricky opening line, and the resulting cramp was too much for even his maneuvering abilities. I completely swindled a draw after an error-strewn game. Bruce stumbled into an opening trap that we all have at one time, but Robert was fine until an unfortunate blunder.

With just two matches left we are likely out of the running for any promotion slot, but we were up against some tough teams.