Dundee C v Dundee E


Dundee C  3-1 Dundee E 

1.  Ray Flood 1442   1-0  Scot MacKenzie 579 

2.  Bruce Wallace 1435  1-0  Lewis Bisset

3.  Robert Burnett  1318 1-0  Thomas Watson

4.   Jonathan Kinnell 1310e  0-1  Andrew Collins

The match featured one debutant for the C team, and three for the E team! (though Andrew had played the Stonehaven friendly). Further testament to our mission to introduce our new members to competitive chess. We believe these guys have a great future ahead of them, including Andrew, who is not quite a promising youngster anymore!

Board one though featured another clash between grizzled old veterans, with Scot going a bit astray early on. An overambitious Bruce was in a world of trouble against Lewis, until a slip by the youngster allowed another grizzled old veteran to claw his way back and turn the tables. I’m not sure what Bruce had stepped in during his mushroom escapades, but it worked. Robert also found it hard going against Thomas till another slip let him in. The sharp Jonathan was doing fine with his King’s Gambit till, yes, another slip allowed a snap mate for Andrew.

These little mistakes will happen, not just early in a career (as I can fully testify) but they’ll be largely eradicated with more experience, and our hopefuls have alot to look forward to. We have great hopes for them, and nice to have Jonathan drop the average age of the C team considerably! I fancy these guys will collect quite a few scalps this season.