Dundee C v Perth B & Club Championship


There was a bit more resting on this match than I realised…

My only thought going in was that if we’d won 4-0 we’d overtake Perth for promotion. I didn’t mention this to the team in advance, not wanting to add any pressure and thinking it a tad unlikely to say the least!? Unknown to me at the time, it seemed that a win or draw for ourselves, would also win the 2nd Division title for our friends across the water, Newport Knights. Perhaps the presence of our always welcome bud Marcus Wylie should have been a clue?! Meanwhile, we were selfishly thinking just of ourselves, and looking for a result against our other friends from the Fair City.

Dundee CPerth B
11442Ray Flood01John Williamson1424
21435Bruce Wallace10Ian Caldow1397
31318Robert Burnett01James Graham1379
41310Horson Hyginus10Ian Washington1317

Well, we didn’t get off to a great start. I blundered a piece early on, and didn’t realise I had till a couple of moves later! I was discussing a club matter outside with Alastair, and on returning to the board noticed John’s queen on b4 and casually noted 14. Qb4, not appreciating that the regal lady had captured my bishop on that square. When it dawned, what would normally be a resignation was replaced by a daze, as I stumbled on for a few moves trying to work out what had happened.

Robert was meanwhile having an off-night and succumed quickly to James, but our star signing Horson prevailed in a long struggle against old stager Washington Gambiteer. Then Bruce gradually converted his pawn plus against skip Ian to secure the draw, and suddenly Marcus was nowhere to be seen! Not that there was much else to see. I began to think there might be slight salvaging chances in my game, but of course that was nonsense, though I made John work a bit.

So Newport are Champions by a single game point tie-break, and Perth follow them into Division One; congrats and commiserations to them both.

Another third place finish for us. Disappointing as the team certainly had the potential to top the table, but that would have required rather better leading by example from the skipper, who has been frankly awful since lockdown (and ok, not exactly a shining star beforehand either).

Club Championship Round Three

Vladyslav Drabych 1660 ½-½ 2163 David Findlay

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, our highly promising pal Vlad was taking on Dundee legend and defending Champion David. The result may have raised a few eyebrows, but Vlad has been posting great performances over the season, and David admitted he was unusually out-prepared in his favourite Philidor/Czech Pirc hybrid. Vlad was solid as a rock, and David certainly had no complaints afterwards.