Dundee Chess Congress , October 2018: Report


There were 9 players from the club playing in the Dundee congress this year. It was held in the Dundee University Chaplaincy with 136 players taken part from across Scotland and beyond. David Findlay, Stephen Hogg and Alistair Dawson were playing in the Open. Also competing was Declan Shafi who is a member of both Castlehill Chess Club and Dundee Chess Club. This was a strong tournament with 10 players with grades over 2000 including GM Jacob Aagaard, IM Andrew Greet (both tied for 1st place), FM Murad Abdulla (the Scottish Champion). as well as CM Paul Roberts. Declan scored an impressive 3/5 with David, Stephen and Alastair close behind on 2.5/5.

In the Major (Under-1800), Raymond Flood represented Dundee Chess Club as well as Euan Dawson who is a member of both clubs. Both Euan and Ray had good tournaments both finishing on 3.5/5.

In the Minor tournament (Under-1400) we had 6 players competing. Of these, 5 were playing in a congress for the first time including 13 year old Max Whisson. Max scored an excellent 2/5. Scott McKenzie scored a creditable 1/5. Alex Ramsay finished on 2/5 and considering that Alex missed round 1 he did really well for his first tournament.  Congratulations should go to Zdenek Swaczyna and Tommy Sutherland who both scored 3/5 in their first chess tournament. However, the best performance was by Laurenziu Archip who scored 4/5 and in joint 3rd place with 4 other players.

Max Whisson in his first Tournament.


Running a weekend chess tournament is exceptionally hard work for the organisers. After a year’s absence, the annual Dundee Chess Congress is back on the tournament calendar and in rude health. This year’s congress at Dundee University Chaplaincy Centre was an enormous success with the organisers having to close entries several days in advance of the tournament due to a surge in entries and limited space. The organising team, led by Keith Rose, is due a huge vote of thanks from all participants. The arbiting team of Fiona Petrie, Michael Roth, Jim Anderson and Ray Noble did a superb job in keeping the event running smoothly. Jean Chalmers and Louise should also be thanked, having worked tirelessly running the catering facilities.  To them all, we owe a big debt of gratitude. Roll on the next Dundee Congress in October 2019!!