Dundee D  v  Dundee C


Dundee D  0-4  Dundee C

  1. H Meadows 870   0-1    J Anderson 1540
  2. Y Dremliuha          0-1    R Flood    1475
  3. J Hamilton              0-1   B Wallace  1440
  4. C Montenegro       0-1   R Burnett  1337


This season, more than ever, our D Team is likely to feature a cast of thousands, as we have a multitude of new members wanting a crack at competitive chess, and we are looking to give them just that. As it happens, this particular line-up was a comparatively pretty strong one. Henri is used to this level of course, but his teammates have shown great promise on our club nights. All four got a little carried away in their attacking efforts, and were picked off by their experienced opponents, but results are secondary to dipping their toes into the wonderful waters of serious chess. They, and others that follow, will love the ride we’re sure.