Dundee D  v Newport Knights A


Dundee D  1-3 Newport Knights A

  1.  S MacKenzie  556  0-1  L Hughes  1754
  2.  D Ewing                   0-1  M Wylie  1478
  3. Y Dremliuha            1-0  D Cairns  1361
  4. Camillo                     0-1 A Sneddon  1304

A stout effort by the D team against a strong Newport side, even with half their B team. Though Scott and Camillo were rather overwhelmed, understandably, David fought well against Marcus down to the ending, and a very impressive win by Yehor against the ever solid Doug. He’s improving every game, as indeed are all of our new recruits, and getting the benefit of plenty of club play, along with being bloooded in the competitive arena.