Dundee D  v  Perth B


Dundee D  1-3  Perth B

H Meadows (840)  0-1  J Warren (1480)
S McKenzie (530)  0-1  I Washington (1423)
R Bremner  0-1  J Williamson (1338)
T Rosazza  1-0  Default

The D Team were heavily outgunned here but put up a staunch fight. Bouyed by being 1-0 up before the start when Perth were unable to field a full side, they proceeded to belie their comparatively lower ratings and took the fight to their opponents. Ross, battle-hardened by his congress experience of the weekend, played strongly to discomfort John Williamson before succumbing to a kingside attack. Scott’s trademark stodgy system had Ian caught up in a mire before he gradually extricated himself. Henri went toe to toe with John Warren and fought to the bitter end but was eventually outmaneuvered by his experienced adversary.

A performanced to be proud of by a team who have consistently punched above their weight in this division.