Dundee v Stonehaven Friendly


  1. E Spencer (W) 1-0 K Emery
  2. R Bremner 0-1 B Harrold
  3. J Crofts 1-0 P Coffield
  4. B Wallace 1-0 D Bridges
  5. R Burnett ½-½ L Matheson
  6. C Stewart 0-1 R Williamson
  7. D Smart 0-1 C Bell-Watson
  8. R Agnew 0-1 J Stout
  9. H Docherty 1-0 E Turnbull


A fine turnout on both sides for the friendly, and a fair result. Some talented players and some good games. Particularly good to give our new regular members a taste of league-style chess, and a fine win for Hugh on his debut. Thanks to everyone who played, and to Keith and Stonehaven for making the trip down. Didn’t get all the games, but a good selection below.