The 2015 Edinburgh Chess Congress took place in the excellent venue of St. Thomas of Aquin’s High School, Edinburgh from 17-19 April. In the Premier FIDE rated tournament, Dundee was represented by Alan Borwell and Declan Shafi. At the end of the 4th Round, they both had 2.5/4 pts and were paired in the final round! Declan was leading his prize group by a half point so needed to win or draw. In the opening, Alan gained a significant advantage, winning a pawn with a better position. However, instead of exchanging knights on move 18 he embarked on a more complicated line which led to queen and piece exchanges.

The ensuing endgame was still better for White but became drawish. Alan thought about offering a draw by repetition around move 40 but instead entered into the quick play finish and then allowed his knight to be trapped – so Declan took the full point. His careful play in the late middlegame and ending deserved reward!

(To play through game on a board click on any move.)