It’s a Knockout


The club’s efforts in the Handicap KO went into the Quarter Finals this week, as both our remaining teams took part. The A Team, looking remarkably like a League B team, succesfully negotiated the challenge from Castlehill D, but our C Team came unstuck against a strong St Andrews A.

The A team had a very strong start with 3½ points from the first round, though the unfortunate Ray Noble lived up to his name, sportingly resigning when his phone went off. A quick win by Adam to start the second round ensured the tie, though Vlad, Andy and Ray cut the result to a fair one.

The C Team’s night wasn’t quite so good. A disastrous first round left us 4-0 down, and needing a clean sweep in the second round to qualify on tie-break. Again. A promising start, with Jonathan winning, but my second loss finished us, despite Bruce’s fine consolation win. The team put up a good fight, aside from a very poor performance from the captain. They may not have been my worst two games ever, but they’re certainly contenders.

These two sides now meet each other in the semi-finals, and best wishes to them both, but patriotically we hope our remaining side can do the business.