Kirkcaldy A  v  Dundee E


Wed, 15 Dec

Kirkcaldy A 4-0 Dundee E

Division Two

1. 1533 Stuart Blyth 1-0 Henri Meadows 872

2. 1463 Euan Henderson 1-0 Peter Gibson 780

3. 1353 John Kane 1-0 Scott McKenzie 649

4. 773 Brian Morley 1-0 Max Wang 559

A not entirely unexpected result for the E team against a strong Kirkcaldy side. The grading differences show what they were up against, and they gave it their best. Scott’s opening play included just two piece moves in his first 13, and they were Nh3 and Rg1! He battled on for 51 moves though. Maybe Morphy was wrong after all?!

Speaking of Morphy, our new problem this week features perhaps his most famous finish ever. You can puzzle over and admire it here

Our problem page will eventually morph into a dedicated archive of tactical play, essential at club level.