Kirkcaldy B v Dundee C


TAFCA Division 2

BrdGradeKirkcaldy B vDundee C Grade
1 1444 Shiva SubramanianB 1 v 0 Ray FloodW1442 
2 1383 Paul AndersonW 1v 0  Bruce WallaceB1435 
3 1373 Euan HendersonB 1v 0  Robert BurnettW1318 
4 1271 Bryan O’RourkeW 0v 1 Jonathan KinnellB1310e 
   3v 1  

A sobering night for the C Team. Not so much for your correspondent, who swiftly retreated to the lovely bar after an appalling 11 move loss to Shiva. As such, and with no copy score sheets, I can’t comment much on the other games, aside from the obs that Bruce and Robert put up considerably more resistance than I, but the Kirkcaldy guys are tough opponents at the best of times. Jonathan thankfully saved the whitewash, coming through a topsy-turvy Fried Liver Attack intact. We’ve likely blown promotion thoughts now, but then who wants to play 1st Division anyway?