Ladder Tournament Starts Tuesday 25th June, 7.30 pm.


LADDER tournament starts tomorrow evening and running from 25th June 2019 – 5th May 2020.

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  1. The Chess Ladder is a form of competition where each player is assigned a position (rank). A lower number means higher rank on the ladder (better position).
  2. The goal of the competition is to move up the Ladder, ultimately to the #1 position (highest rank). Players move up the Ladder (i.e. improve their rank) by winning Ladder games. Players move down the Ladder (i.e. lose their rank) when they lose Ladder games, and when other players move up the Ladder ahead of them.
  3. Check Table to see where you are on the ladder and who you can challenge. (Ladder Table able will be updated as soon as results are notified before next club night.)
  4. Players can challenge a player up to 3 places higher than them (the list for a particular evening will be made up only of the players who turn up on a particular club night.)
  5. Time control is 30 minutes each player. (lower ranked player gets White first time they play then Black next game,)
  6. You can only play a player once on the same club night. If you are challenged before 8:30 pm (and you do not have a league/other match that evening) you must accept or lose a place in the ranking. So, if  you already have a match arranged. i.e. Club championship or TAFCA match then you clearly cannot be involved in the Ladder that specific evening). Challenges after 8:30pm are by mutual consent and can be rejected without any penalty.
  7. After each Ladder game has ended, both players are assigned new positions on the Ladder, depending on their current positions, and the result of the game:
    1. If the winning player has a lower rank than the losing player, the winning player is moved up to just above the losing player’s position.
    2. If the winning player has the higher position, positions remain unchanged,
    3. In case of a draw, the player with the lower position is moved up by one and the other player keeps their current position. If the players are next to each other in the ladder, their positions remain unchanged.
  8. A player can lose their rank (i.e. move down the Chess Ladder) between completing their games, due to other players moving up the ladder after winning their games (i.e. moving up in front of the player).
  9. Any new players joining the tournament are placed at a position in the Ladder at the discretion of the tournament organiser.