Newport Knights v Dundee C


TAFCA Division Two

BrdGradeNewport Knights  v Dundee C Grade
1 1372 Scott FinnieBv Ray Flood    W1442 
2 1366 Roy MorrisWv Bruce WallaceB1435 
3 1327 Angus Sneddon            B1v0 Robert BurnettW1318
4 1261Jonathan TevendaleW0v1 Jonathan KennettB1310e 

The C Team travelled the seas on a dreich night to meet our old friends from Newport. After drying off and warming up, with the help of a welcome beverage, we settled down to the business at hand.

Despite missing a few top players, the Fifers are always a tough bunch with, like us, a mix of three old codgers and a rising star called Jonathan. But first, barely into the evening, Bruce blundered a piece early on, and in respect of the wily old stager and former Newport Champion Roy, promptly resigned. Our own prodigy handily won the battle of the Jonathans to bring us level, and I was able to overcome Scott’s sturdy Hippo setup to put us in the lead. Robert battled gamely to attempt to overcome Angus’s early advantage, but unfortunately in vain, as we finished our friendly contest honours even. We even gave Roy a lift back to the Ferry! Friendly rivalry – you can’t beat it 🙂