Out of Club Night 31/10/19


Castlehill E 0-4 Dundee D

M Kats (1091)             0-1       G Burton (1350)

J Lynch (1080)            0-1       N Carroll (948)

D Coleman (1056)      0-1       M Whisson (948)

R Vijayakamur (482)  0-1       H Meadows (840)

An excellent performance from our D team. Unfortunately I didn’t see any of it, being otherwise engaged (see below) but this is a good Castlehill team (Rishi is already way better than his rating and improving rapidly) so although an even match on paper, to take all four games is certainly something. Well played guys!


Club Championships

R Flood (1509)           0-1       A Borwell (1836)

I’m rapidly gathering enough material for a book – My Tragic Closed Sicilian Losses to Alan, this being the third in little over a year. Thanks to our gracious hosts at Castlehill for holding the game.


The score is unfortunately incomplete as we had both stopped recording moves, being down to about a minute each. Black is clearly better now after what was a definite White advantage in the opening faded to a sad defensive effort, only for me to reach what again seemed a better ending. Not sure how we got there, but the end position was winning for Alan, though when my flag fell I had apparently been in check for a couple of moves! OK, it was Halloween, but seriously…