Perth A  v  Dundee A


Perth A   1-3  Dundee A

M Gourlay (1904)  0-1  D Findlay (2109)

G Le Feuvre (1714)  0-1  E Spencer (2025)

D Hall (1682)  ½½  A Dawson (1806)

A Sutherland (1572)  ½½  F Stevenson (1647)

Dundee A faced league leaders Perth A in a match that would go some way to decide the TAFCA league title for 2019-20 season. As expected it was a tense affair but with some unusual twists of fortune. David Findlay was white versus Martin Gourlay, Ed Spencer black against Gwenole Le Feuvre, Alastair was up against David Hall and Frank on Board 4 facing Andrew Sutherland,

First to finish was Ed. There was some ringing sound in the room. People were trying to figure out what it was but then it transpired it was the clock of Gwenole who had run out of time trying to unlock the secrets of Ed’s favorite Sicilian Kan. Next to finish was Frank who agreed a completely equal middle game position against Andrew Sutherland. The other two matches went the full distance. In the end David converted an extra pawn in a R and P endgame to a win. Shortly afterwards, Alastair who had quite a poor position throughout the game, managed to extricate a draw from the resulting R and P ending.

So in the end it was a convincing 3-1 win and a small step closer to the league title.

  • – A Dawson