Perth B v Dundee C


The C Team were on the road again as we headed to Perth just a day after the Congress there. Terrible weather, but undeterred as we sought to improve on last week’s 2-2 draw with our opponents.

Perth B  1.5-2.5  Dundee C

1. J Warren 1480  0.5  L Archip 1529
2. I Washington 1423  0-1  R Flood 1509
3. J Williamson 1338  1-0  T Harley 1439
4. T Wardlaw 1174  0-1  R Burnett 1374

A good start as Robert won quickly against Tom. Trevor is unfortunately rusty and currently in the stage of his comeback of making random tactical errors. Ian’s ambitious pressing against my French was perhaps not quite sound and I won a rook ending with my extra pawns. Laurenziu was in all kinds of trouble against John, a piece down but helped by an ending with two knights v bishop and just three pawns each on the same side. Stout defending held on, and secured a good win for the side.

A solid win and a continuation of a better run for the C Team. Our early season results probably rules out a promotion challenge, but lets hope to finish strongly.