Richardson Cup


Dundee Chess Club versus Phones: Richardson Cup, March 12th 2023

Eight intrepid Dundee players travelled to Glasgow on Sunday to play in the Quarter-final of the Richardson Cup – Scotland’s premier club competition. It turned out to be not such a good day for our team, in fact it was a drubbing by the score of 1.5-6.5. We recorded no wins on any of the eight boards – our pride salvaged by draws for Euan Dawson on Board 3, Joshua crofts on Board 6 and Bruce Wallace on Board 8. The match was held at the Sikorski Polish Club next to Kelvingrove Park in central Glasgow. The hospitality was excellent, there was a plentiful supply of food and drinks. We were warmly hosted by the Phones Captain, John McIntyre, who made us all feel very welcome. The less said about the matches the better. David and Ed both succumbed to very strong opponents on Boards 1 and 2. Euan on Board 3 launched a violent early attack on John McIntyre’s king in an unusual version of the Caro Kann. A check came in on g6 against an un-castled King but John just about hung on for the draw. Alastair had an excellent position in the early middle-game but then missed the strength of a bishop sacrifice which his opponent duly played. Connected passed pawns on the e- and d-files were too much to withstand and the towel was thrown in shortly afterwards. Joshua had to deal with a speculative Bh7+ sacrifice in his game but, once his opponent realised that there was no obvious breakthrough, a draw was agreed. Bruce had a very strong king and pawn endgame position in his match – but a grandmaster draw was agreed when both players became unsure of the likely outcome.

All in all a bit of a shame with a subdued mood on the way home. Our last Richardson Cup match was also against Phones just prior to the pandemic. On that occasion we lost 3.5 – 4.5. Phones are turning into something of a hoodoo team – hopefully next year we will be paired against each other again and surely then we will overcome our adversaries.

Alastair Dawson


The last matches to finish were those of Ed and Euan. Euan was playing the Phones captain, John McIntyre. At this point in the match with two games still in play and the loss guaranteed, Euan and John settled for a draw.


1 David Findlay  2150       0

2 Ed Spencer 2027            0

3 Euan Dawson 1865       ½

4 Alastair Dawson 1795    0

5 Keith Emery 1689           0

6 Joshua Crofts 1660        ½

7 Ray Flood 1475             0

8 Bruce Wallace 1430    ½