TAFCA 5/2/24


Division 1

BrdGradeDundee A 3v1St Andrews A Grade
1 2253 Jacques OphoffB 1v 0 Jan ThielW 1698
2 2132 Ed SpencerW 1v 0 Kevin LeeB 1600
3 1842 Phil CohenB 1v 0 Conan LiptrottW 1580
4 1764 Alastair DawsonW 0v 1 Zac DenhamB 1422

Comfortable win for the Champions, over a St Andrews side which has clearly suffered from the usual flux of students. Still a strong side, and Alastair’s slip in the ending a reminder that you can take nothing for granted!

Division 2

BrdGradeDundee C 3v1St Andrews C Grade
1 1442 Ray FloodB 1v 0 Eve KenicerW1350e 
2 1435 Bruce WallaceW ½v½  Adam BrittainB1350e 
3 1318 Robert BurnettB½ v½  Archie WoodhouseW1150e 
4 1310e Jonathan KinnellW 1v 0 Milly HowardB1200e

And an identical score a division down, albeit by a different route. A good result against a side better than their estimated ratings, as so often the case.