TAFCA 8/1/24


We saw in the New Year with two league matches at the club. Comfortable wins for the A Team and the C Team, albeit the latter coming at the expense of the F Team.

Division One

BrdGradeDundee A vCastlehill A Grade
1 2253 Jacques OphoffB 1v 0 Helge MagnussenW 2072
2 2163 David FindlayW ½v ½ Andre BabinB 1897
3 2132 Ed SpencerB 1v 0 Alasdair McLeodW 1622
4 1842 Sir Phil CohenW 1v 0 Ewan MurrayB 1612
   3½v ½  

A rather more dominant scoreline than could have been expected, against the A Team’s likely top challengers. Achieved because Jacques, Ed and Sir Phil were in truly uncompromising form, and produced performances of the top order. Well done to Andre for preventing the whitewash, with his second draw against a Dundee legend, following his game with Ed in the Bobby Gow Memorial before Christmas.

Division Two

BrdGradeDundee F vDundee C Grade
1 – Doug SmartB 0v 1 Ray FloodW1442 
2 – Amy Soutar        W 0v 1 Bruce WallaceB1435 
3 – Steven Leaburn JrB 0 v 1 Robert BurnettW1310 
4 – Brian SoutarW 0v 1 Jonathan KinnellB 1300e 
   0v 4  

A likely expected scoreline for the C Team, but importantly two more debutants in league chess, as father and daughter Brian and Amy made their first appearances, of many I’m sure.