TAFCA and Club Championship 13/2

BdGradeDundee AvsSt Andrews AGrade
1 2257 Ophoff, Jacques (CM) 0 –  1Gray, Euan   2118 
2 2127 Spencer, Edwin A 1 – 0Prayoonthamrongthiti, Pisut  1681 
3 1870 Cohen, Philip  – 1Deighan, Matthew  0
4 1795 Dawson, Alastair G  ½  –  ½ Liptrott, C 0 

A blow to the champions title hopes, but an excellent performance by St Andrews. Ups and downs as ever. A very rare reverse for Jacques as he misjudged a complex position against a quality opponent on top form. A sterling performance by Ed, even without his opponent falling into a snap mate! Phil won an exchange early, but his opponent had clear compensation, and crashed through with a crushing mating attack. Alastair patiently gained an edge with his London/Stonewall press till a very unfortunate bad attack of cramp. In considerable pain, he made a token move and offered his opponent a draw. Although the move was a big blunder, his opponent sportingly accepted.

Club Championship


C Sim (998) 1-0 D Ewing (900)

A fine win for Christine, who managed her time and her position well!