TAFCA Knockout Final

On Wednesday evening (24th April 2024) Dundee Chess Club faced Newport in the Final of the TAFCA knock-out Championship. This is an unusual competition in which a handicap system is used to create an even competition between players of widely different grades. Two games are played by each player against his/her opponent in teams of 4. Our team that had battled its way through to the final was Alastair Dawson (Board 1), Joshua Crofts (Board 2), Keith Emery (Board 3) and Adam Clark (Board 4). An example of how the handicap system operates is for Alastair’s games against Roy Morris. The difference in grades between the two players is 398 points and this translated into Alastair having just 15 minutes to complete each of the two games while Roy had 45 minutes for each game. For the higher-graded player this can  be very stressful since 15 minutes does not last very long especially if a game is drawn out into a lengthy ending!
These comments aside, the evening turned out very well for Dundee. The pairings were Alastair Dawson versus Roy Morris, Joshua Crofts versus Angus Sneddon, Douglas Cairns versus Keith Emery and on Board 4 Adam Clark was paired against Alan Wallace.
In the first set of games, Alastair won over Roy, Joshua beat Angus, Keith Emery triumphed over Douglas while Adam agreed a draw with Alan. In the second set of games with colours reversed, Dundee won all 4 games giving a final score of 7.5-0.5. So, despite the difficulties of having less clock time on each board, we came through with a convincing victory and the Knockout Title.
Alastair Dawson
Newport Knights ½-7½ Dundee A
  1. Roy Morris 1366  0,0  –  1,1 Alastair Dawson 1764
  2. Angus Sneddon 1327  0,0  –  1,1 Joshua Crofts 1629
  3. Douglas Cairns 1327  0,0  –  1,1 Keith Emery 1533
  4. Alan Wallace 1132  ½,0  –  ½,1  Adam Clark 1500