TAFCA Knockout


Both of the Dundee teams were playing in the knockout last night – a time handicap tournament. Dundee A were paired against Castlehill E. On Board 1 Alan Borwell with 6 minutes available on his clock play Ed Walton with 54 min.On Board 2, Frank Stevenson played Innes Ford (46 min). On Board 3, Ray Flood with 15 min played Martin Kats who had an available 45 min. On Board 4 Robert Burnett (17 min) played John Lynch (43 min).

In the first round Alan finished first with a quick win. Robert finished next with a loss. Next to finish was Frank with a draw although Alan pointed out afterwards that he had missed a win. Last to finish was Ray who lost to Martin. Thus after the first of two matches on the evening, the A team trailed Castlehill E by 1½ to 2½. In the second match, Robert won his game and was followed soon after by Frank Stevenson. This left Dundee A needing one more point to secure the victory. In a very interesting game Ray Flood eventually came out on top. Then Alan managed to secure a draw with very little time left on his clock. This left the final score as Dundee A 5 Castlehill E 3.

In the other match Dundee B versus Kirkcaldy, Gordon Robertson on Board 1  (25 min) played Terry Doherty (43 min).  On Board 2, Tommy Sutherland (38 mins) played Euan Henderson (22min). On Board 3 Laurenziu Archip (38 min) played Peter Selbie (22 min). Lastly, on Board 4 Alex Ramsey (30 min) played Alistair Wood (30 min). Round 1 turned out to be very even match with Gordon and Alex losing and  Laurenziu and Tommy both winning. Round 2 started with Gordon coming out on top winning while Tommy won his game making the score Dundee B 4 Kirkcaldy  2. With Dundee just needing a draw  Laurenziu gained his second win of the night while Alex managed a draw. Final score Dundee B 5½ Kirkcaldy 2½.

With 2 great results on the night, both teams now play each other in the next round in the New Year.