TAFCA KO 5/2/20


The A Team motored into Kirkcaldy to continue the defence of our KO trophy. A large grading advantage, which naturally meant a large time handicap. Alan, Alastair and Frank had just 6 minutes against their opponents 54! I had the luxury of 11 minutes against my opponent’s 49.

1st Round
Kirkcaldy 0-4 Dundee A
P Selbie 1241  0-1  A Borwell 1836
A Owens 1149  0-1  A Dawson 1806
K Wan 1060  0-1  F Stevenson 1647
A Wood 1028  0-1  R Flood 1509

First Round clean sweep put us on easy street-ish. Alastair and I won quickly. This often happens when your opponent gets caught up and feels compelled to move almost as quickly as you have to. Alan and Frank’s opponents were more circumspect and they had to work hard for their wins, while of course moving almost instantly most of the time. You can think and formulate plans on your opponent’s time of course, but it’s not exactly the same thing! Anyway, we were in the driving seat now.

2nd Round
Kirkcaldy 1.5-2.5 Dundee A
P Selbie  0.5  A Borwell
A Owens  0-1  A Dawson
K Wan  1-0  F Stevenson
A Wood  0-1  R Flood
1.5 – 6.5

Alastair won quickly again to put us over the finishing line. With the pressure off, things were naturally more relaxed, and Alan conceded the draw with very little time left while Frank lost his return game. My opponent was determined to utilise his time advantage more carefully this time, and actually exceeded the time limit before I did(!), though I had built up a large material advantage by then.
So we move into the semis, where a likely different challenge will await us. Stronger opponents, but more even time distribution. All good fun…