TAFCA KO and League Roundup 2-6 November


TAFCA Handicap KO Prelim Round 6/11/23

BrdGradeDundee A1st2ndv1st2ndDundee BGrade
1 1764 A Dawson 1 0v 0 1 J Anderson     1546
2 1629 J Crofts 1 1v 0 J Leven –
3 1533 K Emery 1 1v 0 D Hastie –
4 – A Clark 1 1v 0 L Bisset –
   7v  1 –

A Team should defeat B of course, but it’s rarely as easy as the score suggests, and was also the case here. Both teams were much changed from their previous seasons, and indeed from their league line-ups, with a few players making their debuts. Jim might be particularly philosophical about half his regular team being pinched by Alastair, but that’s how the KO rolls! Thanks also to Jim for respecting my wish to keep my own C Team together, even if he may have fancied a few of them!

Dundee C Castlehill A
Board Grade 1st 2nd v 1st 2nd
1 1442 R Flood 1 0 v 0 1 H Magnussen 2071
2 1435 B Wallace   1 1 v 0 0 R Jackson 1575
3 1318 R Burnett 1 0 v 0 1  C Kelly    1378 
4 1100e A Collins 0 0 v 1 1 M Bogs 1120e 
Final Score 4 – 4

The thing with the time handicaps is that many top players are reluctant to engage in a contest where they may have 6 minutes v their opponents 54! This explains the appearance of our A and B teams above, and a significantly weaker Castlehill A side from their usual. Plaudits therefore to Helge for stepping up to the line in just such a situation! So, an upset, but with a far lower time handicap, MoM status to Bruce for a fine performance against Robert, and a particularly emphatic attacking win in their first game. This takes us through to the next round on tie-break, a situation that has benefited and plagued us in equal measure in previous seasons!

TAFCA Division One 2/11/23

St Andrews Uni A vs Dundee B
1 1861  Bill, Vincenz  0 – 1  Crofts, Joshua 1629 
2 1798 Prayoonthamrongthiti, Pisut  1 – 0  Robertson, I Gordon 1560 
3 0  Thiel, Jan M  0 – 1  Anderson, James 1546  
4 0  Lee, Kevin  0 – 1  Emery, Keith 1533 
1- 3

A fine win indeed for the B Team against a very strong St Andrews side. I can say from experience that their bottom two boards are not far behind their teammates in playing strength, so a huge result which may have a big impact, even this early in the season. Well played.