TAFCA league match reports




14th March: Dundee A versus Castlehill D (TAFCA Knock Out semi-final)

In the semi-final of the knock out championship Dundee A overcame Castlehill D. In the tournament, playing times are adjusted to compensate for playing strength. For example, Alan Borwell had 11 minutes for each of his two games against Subhaju Banerjee whilst the latter had 46 minutes. The playing time differences make for tense chess. In the end Alan beat Subhaju 2-0, Alastair Dawson beat Graham Atkins 2-0 while the matches between Ray Flood and Cameron Wilson as well as Frank Stevenson against Gordon Thomas were drawn leaving the match score 6-2.

19th March: Dundee A versus Perth A

In a crunch match for this year’s league Championship Dundee were .up against Perth A who have not lost so far this season. In the end Dundee won convincingly although the matches were close. David Findlay came through a tough encounter with Gwenole le Feuvre. Stephen Hogg overcame Mike Roth, Frank Stevenson had a very good win over Aaron Gourlay. For Perth Andrew Sutherland beat Alan Borwell to give a score win for Dundee of 3-1.

19th March: Dundee C versus Newport Knights B

Dundee put on a strong showing with two wins and two draws. The wins came from Robert Burnett and Tommy Sutherland and were supplemented with draws from Zdenik  and Alan Woodcock.

15th January : Dundee D versus Castlehill D

This evening, the C team were hosts to Castlehill D. Looking at the teams this looked like a close match on paper. Alan Woodcock’s game with Graham Atkins was first to finish and resulted in a draw, Then  Laurenziu Archip beat Cameron Wilson giving the C team the lead. Next to finish was Robert Burnettwho gained a draw against Subhaju  Banerjee  The result of the match came down the last game between Tommy Sutherland and Colin Young. The game came down to a interesting positio. Tommy had a Rook and 5 pawns while Colin had Rook, Knight and 3 pawns. Colin had to sacrifice one of Tommy’s pawns with his rook since it was about to queen. Colin also picked up another pawn. This left Tommy with Rook and pawn against Knight and Pawn. After some pawn exchanges, Colin had a pawn and Knight against Rook. With Tommy threatening to  take the pawn a draw was agreed. Final result 2.5 – 1.5 in favour of the D team.

11th December: Dundee B versus Castlehill A

Castlehill A arrived with a strong team team led by Declan Shafi. What followed was a tense and nail-biting encounter. On Board 1, Declan gained a win over Jim Anderson. Boards 2 and 3 were both drawn. On Board 2, Robert Jackson and Frank Stevenson shared the points while Board 3 Andy Rowe and Ray Flood fought out a fierce encounter. S it all boiled down to Board 4, the last match to finish and with Robert Burnett as White against Gordon Thomas. With Gordon down to his last 4 minutes and Robert with 17, they reached a position where Robert had a Queen plus pawns against Gordon’s pair of Rooks plus pawns. The stand-off was broken after exchanges and it was Robert who scraped over the line by a hair’s breadth. So the final score was a 2-2 draw.

11th December: Dundee D versus Castlehill E

This match was played alongside the Castlehill A versus Dundee B match in a crowded St Peter’s Hall. On Board 1 L Archip lost a tight contest to Ed Walton. On Board 2, young Max Whisson faltered against Innes Ford. On Board 3, Henri Meadows drew his encounter against Norman Waugh. On Board 4, Norrie Carroll watched his opponent’s clock tick away when he failed to appear on time. But it did not matter in the end. When he arrived, D Hayes found Norrie’s play too strong for him and he eventually succumbed. So the final match score was a 1.5 – 2.5 loss to Castlehill E with Norrie the sole winner.

13th Nov: Dundee D versus Perth B

The D team were hosts to Perth B. Perth B turned up a player short giving the D team a point which meant that Norrie Carroll had to sit this one out. Max Whisson was first to finish but lost to John Shovlin after a good game. Then Alex Ramsey had a fine win against Andy Cowan. This left everything to play for on Board 1 with Dundee D just needing a draw to win the match. The game went right to the end with Laurenziu Archip getting the win against Ian Washington. This gave Dundee D a fine win of 3 – 1.

13th Nov: Dundee A versus Dundee B

This annual clash turned out to be a match of attrition with the last game going down to the wire. But in the end Dundee A came out convincingly on top. First to finish was Ed Spencer who overcame Gordon Robertson in their Board 2 clash. Then Alastair Dawson won a Queen in exchange for Rook and Knight in his match against Robert Burnett. Mating threats with Queen and an advanced pawn on f6 created too many problems for Robert and the game was soon over. On Board 3 there was a heavyweight clash between Ray Flood (White) and Alan Borwell (Black). Ray opened with a Grand Prix attack. When Ray played the critical 10. g4 to mount a Kingside attack, Alan countered with 10…f5. The resulting middlegame was more favourable for Black and a nice exchange sacrifice by Black on the Bishop on g2 ended matters. Last to finish was the game between David Findlay and Jim Anderson. With what looked like a lengthy Rook and Pawn endgame in prospect and with David having less than 2 minutes left on his clock, the outcome looked unclear. But David’s superior endgame technique told in the end and the game was won in Black’s favour. So the match result was 4-0 in favour of Dundee A but this score does not reflect how closely fought the respective matches were.

8th Nov: University of St Andrews versus Dundee D

This match was postponed by mutual agreement due to shortage of players available for Dundee D. It has been agreed by the match captains that this match will be rearranged for a future date.

5th Nov: Perth B versus Dundee C

Dundee C travelled to Perth on Monday but the match did not take place due to insufficient opposition players.

1st Nov: Castlehill B versus Dundee A

Castlehill B are one of the toughest teams in the league and Dundee A knew that their task of winning the match would be difficult. On the night, things turned out well. Alan Borwell was first to finish against Robert Jackson. His use of a b3 line and Queenside castling as White against Robert’s Caro Khan proved very successful. Soon afterwards, Ed Spencer scored a decisive win over Paul Shafi. Then Alastair Dawson arrived at a won middlegame position as Black against Andrew Rowe. The last game to finish was a tight affair between David Findlay and Darius Kosznik. The endgame saw David with an extra piece but defending against two actively placed passed pawns. However, with Darius short of time the match was soon resolved in David’s favour. So overall a convincing 4-0 victory although the match score does not reflect four very closely contested games of chess.


30th Oct Dundee D versus Dundee C

Dundee D played the D team and, as expected, they were outgraded on all boards.  Zdenek did not turn up so the C team got off to a good start with a default on Board 3. Then Alan Woodcock earned a point for the C team by beating young Max Whisson.  Later in the evening Laurenziu Archip had a fine win against the very experienced Robert Burnett  to make the score 2-1 in favour of the D team. The last game to finish was between Henri Meadows and Tommy Sutherland. It was a very closely contested game with both players even on material.  With Tommy attacking and Henri defending well the result could have gone either way. Then Tommy committed a basic error by not noticing Henri pining his Queen against his King with a rook. This win for Henri gave the D team an excellent win by 3 – 1 over their club rivals.

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23rd Oct Dundee C versus St Andrews University

Dundee C faced a very strong St Andrews University team last night and were heavily outgraded on all boards. But the team put a very good fight. Robert Burnett lost to Sam Herring, the latter having played very well in the Open at the Dundee Chess Congress. Zdenek also was defeated by Daniel Chambers. So with two matches to go, it looked like it was going to be a heavy defeat. However, both of the final matches went down to the wire. Alan Woodcock was unfortunate in losing late on against Guilluame Poss. But team pride won through in the end with a fine draw by Tommy Sutherland against Wilf Wheatley. So, overall the match score was 0.5-3.5 but score does not reflect what a fine performance the C team put on against the odds-on favourites to top Division 2.

10th Oct Newport knights B versus Dundee D.

Dundee D travelled across the water to Newport to play their first match of the 2018/2019 season.  The players were A Laurentiu, M Whisson, H Meadows, and A Ramsey.  Jean Chalmers was non-playing captain/chauffeuse.

One of Newport’s players had been delayed as there had been a derailment at Stonehaven and he was stuck on a train in Edinburgh.   Alex,playing on board 4, won his game very quickly so we were off to a good start.  The other 3 games were neck and neck for a while.  Max was a bishop down but had 7 pawns,  and was advancing one of his pawns.  However, the bishop was too strong and he eventually succumbed.  The game was lost but he had played very well.  Next was Henri who had also had a tight game.  We were now 2-1 down.  Lauria on Board 1 eventually wore his opponent down and we finished at 2-2.  Excellent result for the team’s first outing of the season.  Many thanks to Newport who created a friendly and welcoming atmosphere plying us with tea and coffee and the customary hot pies.  Very nice touch.

9th Oct Dundee A versus Kirkcaldy A.
Dundee A started the new season defence of the Championship by hosting Kirkcaldy A. All the matches were keenly contested. First to finish was Ed Spencer on Board 2 against Stuart Blyth. Then Alastair Dawson was next on Board 3 with a win over Terry Doherty. Then Jim Anderson overcame Euan Henderson who had earlier sacrificed the exchange to improve his position. The last game to finish was on Board 1 between David Findlay and Russell Kynoch. David ended up with a passed a-pawn and a bishop but since the bishop was not of the same colour as the queening square the game was drawn. So overall the match score was a win by 3.5-0.5.

8th Oct Perth A versus Dundee B.
Dundee B travelled to Perth tonight to play their first league game of the season. It was going to be a tough night as they were out-graded on all boards. Jim Anderson lost first to Martin Gourlay. Then Raymond Flood lost to Mike Roth. Gordon Robertson then had a fine win against Gwenole Le Feuvre. This left all to play for on board three Frank Stevenson against David Hall. Frank lost in a very good endgame.