Wed, 12 Jan

Dundee E 1-3 Uni St Andrews C

Division Two

1. 872 Henri Meadows 1-0 Allan Player u/g

2. 559 Max Wang 0-1 Jan Thiel u/g

3. u/g Nathan Larg 0-1 Josh Cargill 1059

4. u/g David Ewing 0-1 1017 Krisztian Kos u/g

A hardly unexpected result for the E team against a strong St Andrews side. Henri managed to save the whitewash via an extraordinary blunder from his opponent, who had a mate in three but instead gave away his queen! The losses were down to tactical errors as ever, something that will get better with practice. Less so with Nathan who played a mostly solid game, but he too missed a fork which would have won a rook. All about experience, and that’s what the team is all about too, giving experience to our new players, hopefully an enjoyable one.

Thu, 13 Jan

Castlehill B ½-3½ Dundee A

Division One

1. 1722 Dariusz Kosznik 0-1 Jacques Ophoff 2257

2. 1619 Michael Dugdale 0-1 David Findlay 2150

3. 1610 Euan Murray 0-1 Ed Spencer 2016

4. 1608 Jan Barron-Majerik ½ Alan Borwell 1883

Another big step towards retaining the title for the champions. Jacques had Dariusz cramped and under pressure from early on, and his kingside buildup culminated in a nice smothered mate. David introduced a kingside fianchetto into his trademark Philidor, but the result was the same as he established a huge central and kingside pawn front that overwhelmed Michael. Ed’s prowess in open games shone through in a sharp Two Knights where he made the most of his kingside piece activity to launch a direct attack that Euan succumbed to in another mating finish. Alan always seemed better with his Nimzo manoeuvring , and with the centre completely blocked he looked to have broken through on the kingside with a passed h pawn. Unfortunately he mistimed the push and allowed Jan to block effectively with his king, and the game faded to a repetition. Nevertheless, the side maintain their 100% record, and are well on course.