TAFCA Update


Apologies for the lack of updates recently. Hope to bring it reasonably up to date here.

Kirkcaldy A  2½-1½  Dundee C 

1. 1533  Stuart Blyth           0-1        Ray Flood  1411

2. 1499  George Herd       W-D        Bruce Wallace  1352

3. 1463  Euan Henderson   1-0        Thibault Rosazza  1164

4. u/g  Thea Newman         ½-½       Ashley Clayton  1155E

Sadly, we didn’t quite manage to get the draw we needed to win Division Two. We got off to the worst possible start when Bruce failed to appear, despite efforts to contact him. Still don’t know what happened, but nothing to be done now. Myself and Thibault’s games were reverse copies of each other. Stuart blundered a piece early on and never recovered, and Thibault unfortunately did the same against Euan. This left us 2-1 down and hoping for a win from Ashley. A lot of pressure on a new member. His game was solidly level for most of the time, till his opponent’s inspired exchange sacrifice that seemed to promise an edge. Was a bit of a see-saw from there as Thea slipped to allow Ashley a material advantage that in other circumstances might have been converted. But under time and other pressure, Ashley allowed a passed pawn to get on the verge of queening, and had no choice but to grab the draw by perpetual. A valiant effort.
A disappointing end to the C Team season, and our only loss. I’m sure we still get promoted in 2nd, but what might have been…
On other fronts, The A Team are solidly powering to a defence of their title, still on 100%
The B Team recorded their first win against Castlehill E to give them a fighting chance of survival in Division One, but have very difficult games to come v Castlehill’s A and B Teams! Two points would probably do it, but where to get them from?!
The D and E Teams have recorded one win each in Division Two, and are fulfilling their objective of allowing our new (and not so new) members to get experience of competitive chess, and most of all, to enjoy chess. The more the merrier.