TAFCA w/e 13/11/22

Bd Grade Dundee D (2) vs (5) Kirkcaldy B Grade Comments
1  870 Meadows, Henri  0  –  1 Doherty, Terry  1340 Away Win
2  0 Ewing, David  1  –  0 Sudjic, Branislav  1337 Home Win
3  0 Feuchter, Camillo  0  –  1 Anderson, Paul R  1325 Away Win
4  0 Hamilton, John  0  –  1 Henderson, Euan  1282 Away Win
1  –  3
Bd Grade Newport Knights A (3) vs (1) Dundee C Grade Comments
1  1754 Hughes, Lloyd  ½  –  ½ Anderson, James  1540 Draw
2  1491 Markham, Simon  ½  –  ½ Wallace, Bruce  1430 Draw
3  1400 Pye, Andy  1  –  0 Burnett, Robert  1337 Home Win
4  1304 Sneddon, Angus  1  –  0 Dremliuha, Yehor  0 Home Win
3  –  1

A disappointing couple of league results. Not entirely unexpected for the mostly still learning D Team, and a good win for captain David. We may have hoped for more from the trip to our Newport friends, but we were outgraded on every board, and good draws for Jim and Bruce. Time enough to recover.

TAFCA Handicap KO 

Kirkcadly  v  Dundee A

We are actually the defending champions in this competition, having won in 2019 and being in the semi finals the following year before the pandemic hit. It’s an exciting(?!) format with time handicaps for the higher graded players, producing some weird and wonderful contests on the night, and we faced a tough challenge against very good opponents.

Round 1

  1. S Stocklose 1961   1-0    A Borwell  1842
  2. T Lo  1414               0-1    A Dawson  1796
  3. T Docherty  1314   1-0    R Bremner  1790
  4. P Selbie   1263       ½-½   R Flood  1475


A difficult first round of games, with Alastair the only winner. When we played Kirkcaldy in our cup winning year, we were  4-0 up after the first round, which shows the progression! Alan found himself in the highly unusual position of being the recipient of a time handicap, but not enough against a redoubtable opponent. A slip by Ross which is always on the cards in these conditions, and my own game came down to an opposite coloured bishop ending where I was a pawn up but in a clearly drawn position. I did however have just a minute left to my opponent’s 2½ minutes, so was sporting of Pete to concede the half. We had it all to do.

Round 2

  1. Stocklose  1-0   Borwell
  2. Lo               0-1  Dawson
  3. Docherty   0-1  Bremner
  4. Selbie         0-1  Flood


Final          3½-4½

So we made it in the end, winning the bottom three boards quickly. With the match won, Alan succumbed in his second game too, but he won’t meet opponents like that often in this competition. A stirring contest overall, and typical of this format. It is fun, despite the hi-jinks and pitfalls. We fight another day.