the week in TAFCA 28/1


Mon, 24 Jan

Castlehill G 1-2 Dundee D


1. 1132 Norman Waugh 0-1 Thibault Rosazza

2. 1037Ramit Kanodia 0-1 Max Whisson

3. u/g Judith Firth 1-0 Christine Sim

4. Default – Default

An unusual encounter in more ways than one. Both teams were only able to field three players, and two of ours played from the club. Christine was on coaching duty, so Thibault provided the tech for them both to play out of the premises, the first matches to be played at the club for a couple of years! The unusual circumstances may have led to Christine’s confusion in being unable to convert a clear advantage, and even losing the full point at the end. We had compensation with Thibault turning round a material deficit with fine endgame play, and Max winning handily against another fine prodigy with a nice finish.

Thu, 27 Jan

Uni St Andrews B 4-0 Dundee E


1. u/g Hunter Webb 1-0 Peter Gibson

2. u/g Conan Liptrott 1-0 Max WangB

3. u/g Cailan Bailes 1-0 Nathan Larg

4. u/g Adam Brittain 1-0 David Ewing

The E team battled manfully against a very strong St Andrews side, but the final result was never in much doubt. Peter lost material early on, but had an attack which may have yielded some promise, before blundering his queen. Max’s knight was left hanging for a few moves before either player noticed, and brought an immediate resignation when it was finally captured. Nathan was playing solidly again, before giving up a piece he didn’t really need to. The deficit proved too much. David too had a promising looking position, and even missed a chance for a decisive material win. Then his pieces got too tangled and he fell into a snap mate, though well behind anyway.